Scale Computing Alliance Program

Scale Computing’s leading HC3 combines storage, servers and virtualization functionality into the world’s first completely integrated platform for running and managing enterprise applications. The product’s built-in fault tolerance and extreme ease-of-use remove any previous fears over the complexity of virtualization architecture, making the HC3 the number one choice for SMB IT administrators.

The Scale Computing Alliance Program is designed with these SMB IT administrators in mind. The program will deliver best-in-class, highly requested solutions to our customers. We collaborate with partners to market, sell and support products that enhance a customer’s experience with our virtualized architecture.

By partnering with us, together we can:

  • Offer customers integrated solutions
  • Co-market solutions through lead-generation activities
  • Jointly sell solutions
  • Deliver complimentary solutions
  • Extend the reach of both organization’s sales teams
  • Partners will receive these great benefits: