Are You Too Small for HCI?

Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) is being adopted rapidly as a replacement for traditional virtualization infrastructure. It is simpler to implement and simpler to operate. However, HCI sometimes comes with a high price tag. Even with more reasonably priced HCI solutions like those from Scale Computing, you may be wondering if HCI can fit into your small IT shop and budget.  

No matter how small you are, you probably have many of the same needs as larger organizations. Your data and applications are likely very important to your operations and it is important to keep those assets highly available and secure. Your organization may be so small that you have most if not all of your data and applications on only one or two physical machines. If that type of machine fails, how fast could you recover the data and applications?

HCI, like HC3 from Scale Computing, can make high availability and disaster recovery easier. Even if all you need is a single virtual host appliance for your applications and data, with HC3 you can pair that appliance with a second physical appliance or a cloud-based virtual appliance for failover and recovery. Replication and failover are built-in. HC3 makes it easy.

Ease of use is probably one of the biggest factors to consider HCI if you are small. The smaller you are, the more likely you will have less IT expertise to go around. Even if you do have the expertise, Scale Computing made HC3 so easy to use that you get to put that expertise to better use than tinkering around with hard drives and hypervisor settings. If you don’t have the expertise, HC3 lets you have a highly available virtual infrastructure that can be managed by a novice IT administrator.

But back to the original question, what might make you too small for HCI? Perhaps if your operation is so small that you don’t have a need for IT infrastructure (physical or virtual) you are too small for HCI. If you can get by with free web-based applications and minimal web-hosting, you may be too small for HCI. But if your operations involve a serious consideration of data and application security for your users or customers, HCI is probably right for you.

If you are even taking the time to research HCI and read this blog post, you are probably the right size for HCI. Check it out with a live demo to see for yourself. HC3 has been the right choice for IT shops of all sizes from the enterprise to the small “s” of the SMB. If you need help with your IT needs, Scale Computing has an MSP program and network of partners that can assist with services from remote management and monitoring to DRaaS and IaaS.