Bump Day

Indianapolis, Indiana is the home of the headquarters of Scale Computing and this is where I grew up. The month of May is a big deal here in Indianapolis. While the rest of the world might be more attuned to royal weddings happening in distant lands, in Indianapolis we are gearing up for the Indianapolis 500, or what is often called the Greatest Spectacle in Racing.

The actual race is not scheduled until Memorial Day weekend, but this weekend is reserved for race teams to qualify for the race. Tomorrow is known as Bump Day. As racers qualify, slower racers risk being bumped out of the 33 car field. It is an important day to see if all of the preparations and hard work have prepared these race teams to even have a chance of winning.

In IT, professionals like yourselves work hard every day preparing for challenges to come. Even though not every organization is in competition with others to grab market share or earn profits, there is still a goal of winning in terms of successfully executing on the goals of the organization. The first step to being successful as an organization is being prepared to be in the race at all.

Every successful organization is familiar with the idea of doing more with less and investing in technologies and innovation that make tasks easier rather than more complex. In racing, these innovations might be better fuel efficiency, a lighter chassis, or tires with improved traction. In IT, these innovations are usually about a highly available environment, the ability to rapidly deploy new applications, the ability to scale out as needed, and the ability to control costs.

HC3 hyperconverged infrastructure was designed to disrupt traditional infrastructure norms by making IT infrastructure simpler, more scalable, more highly available, and more affordable. No other IT infrastructure platform is easier to use than HC3, and that simplicity and ease of use translates into lower costs for management and maintenance. HC3 is technology that frees up IT resources to take on the projects and tasks that make your organization competitive and innovative.

If your idea of winning is to have secure, streamlined IT infrastructure that can capture more market and drive higher revenues at less cost, then HC3 can help you pass your competition. If your idea of winning is simply providing more services for the same or lower cost, then HC3 can help you achieve that victory. If your only goal is to reduce complexity in your datacenter or at your remote edge computing sites in order to reduce costs or achieve better efficiency, HC3 can get you across the finish line.

In the Indianapolis 500, drivers circle the same track 200 times to complete the race and compete for victory. In IT, we have to be a little more creative than doing the same thing over and over again. Take the time to check out emerging technologies like HC3 for datacenter and edge computing or risk being bumped from the field of competition for moving too slowly.