Leading Manufacturers Meet IT Demands with Scale Computing HC3

Since the first industrial revolution in the 18th century, to today’s fourth industrial revolution, manufacturing has become a foundational pillar for all economies. As the growth of manufacturing continues, the implementation of IT into the industry increases. IT is now used in manufacturing in everything from design to shipping, and due to the challenges of manufacturing operations, the demand for reliable, powerful, and versatile IT infrastructure has grown.

Scale Computing HC3 IT infrastructure meets this demand with simple, scalable, highly available, and affordable features that make it ideal for the manufacturing industry. The HC3 platform provides the flexibility, ease of use, and scalability that many customers in the manufacturing industry require to create reliable and efficient working environments. The American Foundry Group, an international manufacturing powerhouse, is just one manufacturer that has chosen HC3 for IT infrastructure.

Many other manufacturers have chosen HC3 and have also chosen to share their success stories. You can see a few of those stories by clicking on the manufacturers below:

With HC3, manufacturers improve the availability of critical workloads, rapidly scale their infrastructure, enhance disaster recovery capabilities, and do it all more simply and easily. HC3 is modern infrastructure for modern manufacturing. For more information on Scale Computing’s momentum in the manufacturing industry, visit here.