Scale Computing in the News

Scale Computing has been showing up in the news a bit more than usual lately.  From articles in eWeek, ChannelProNetwork, Channelnomics, CRN, IBJ, Gigabit, IT Europa, ZDNet, Storage Newsletter, and Inside Indiana Business, you might get the impression that there is something newsworthy going on here at Scale Computing. There is.

It’s a story that really began when the company was founded and when we set our sights on changing the way IT infrastructure was consumed and managed. Most recently, those efforts led us to Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona to unveil our new HC3 Edge solution with Lenovo. We aren’t the only vendor out there pushing edge computing solutions, so why is this big news?

Our vision to reinvent IT infrastructure was simple: Take away the complexity. With workload virtualization, IT infrastructure had become a Frankenstein's monster combining multiple components from multiple vendors. It lived, but there was considerable work and even more considerable expertise involved to bring it to life and keep it alive. There were far too many inefficiencies built into the interfaces between storage, compute, virtualization, and third-party solutions like backup and disaster recovery.

Scale Computing combined all of those components into a single architecture that was fully integrated under a single vendor and did not need the inefficiencies associated with pulling together different vendor solutions. HC3 was an intelligent virtualization platform that could be deployed rapidly, was highly available, was small enough for small business, could scale out easily as needed for any size organization, and was self-healing and easy to manage. This architecture was immediately attractive to the SMB where complexity, lack of expertise, and costs were felt most acutely.

Now, as edge computing use cases grow along with the growth of IoT, the demand for efficient, easy-to-deploy, easy-to-manage, self-healing IT architecture is growing rapidly. All of the design considerations built into HC3 make it an ideal platform not just for the data center but for the smallest edge computing use cases that are needed to provide on-site computing for emerging IoT technologies. That design efficiency has been recognized by our partners like Lenovo, APC, and others who want to bring new edge computing solutions to the market.

As some of these news articles allude to, Scale Computing is at the forefront of this new edge computing market because we had the foresight to be at the forefront of solving the complexity problems of traditional infrastructure before hyperconvergence or edge computing were in anyone’s vocabulary.

So, here we are, in the news. We aren’t going anywhere. We are going to keep following our vision and instead of blowing our budgets on over-inflated marketing, we will continue focusing on giving our customers the best products, services, and support possible. We measure our success one customer at a time.