HC3 Edge

Introducing HC3 Edge℠

Edge computing may be the fastest growing trend in IT infrastructure and HC3 Edge is arriving just in time for your edge computing needs. Scale Computing is already ahead of the game in edge computing, ready to take your infrastructure into the next decade.

What is Edge Computing?

Edge computing fills a gap where neither remote cloud computing nor full datacenter implementations make sense. While remote office/branch office (ROBO) can fall under edge computing, locations with manufacturing equipment, medical facilities, point of sales, IoT devices, and micro-datacenters are all candidates for edge computing.

What is HC3 Edge?

Based on the award winning and market leading hyperconverged infrastructure from Scale Computing, HC3 Edge is customizable for your edge computing needs. HC3 may already be a fit for some edge computing scenarios with relatively small, single node appliance starting points, but HC3 Edge can go even smaller.

With a range of configurations that may scale from single appliances running Intel Atom processors to multi-appliance micro-datacenters, HC3 Edge will be your solution of choice for providing the simplicity, scalability, and availability for edge computing at the right price.


  • Turn-key platform for running multiple virtualized applications, without the need for VMware
  • Single device systems for low cost deployments
  • Multi-device systems for local HA
  • Centralized management for large scale deployments
  • Wide variety of hardware platforms available, from IoT devices to tower servers to traditional rack servers
  • Replication to a centralized cluster or to the Cloud
  • Full functionality and feature set of any Scale HC3 system

HC3 Edge will not only satisfy your edge computing needs but it will help connect your edge computing infrastructure with your on-prem HC3 hyperconverged private cloud and connect to the public cloud with HC3 Cloud Unity.

HC3 Edge can easily be part of a full scale hybrid cloud infrastructure ranging across sites and into the public cloud. And, as with our mainline HC3 solutions, HC3 Edge will give you the advantage of purchasing only the computing infrastructure you need without having to over-provision.