What SMEs need to know about hyperconvergence 07/28/2016 -

Here, we look at why hyperconvergance is receiving so much attention in IT circles, and how businesses can make use of it to do more with less.

Scale Computing Adds Automated Flash Tiering To Its HC3 05/05/2016 -

Earlier this week Scale Computing announced that it was adding flash-enabled automated storage tiering into its HC3 platform.

Scale Computing adds flash-enabled programmed tiering to the hyperconverged platform 05/03/2016 - DataCentre

Hyperconverged infrastructure organisation Scale Computing has combined a peep storage tier to a HC3 family of appliances, as good as updating a HyperCore program to support programmed emigration of information between tiers.

Scale Computing Radically Changes Price-Performance in the Datacenter 05/03/2016 - Spiceworks

This update to Scale’s converged HC3 system adds hybrid storage including SSD and spinning disk with HyperCore Enhanced Automated Tiering (HEAT).

Scale Computing Adds SSDs to Hyperconverged Platform 05/03/2016 - IT Business Edge

To make it simpler to navigate the nuances of modern data storage in the enterprise, Scale Computing today announced that it has added solid-state drives (SSDs) and automated tiering software to a hyperconverged platform aimed at the midmarket.

Scale flash nodes expand its hyper-converged play 05/04/2016 - TechTarget

The Scale flash base configuration includes 1.2 TB of raw SLC NAND per cluster for tiering hot data blocks to solid-state drives. SMB customers tune flash workloads from zero to 11.

New Scale Computing HC3 virtualization platform delivers latest hypervisor-enabled storage offerings 05/03/2016 - Computer Technology Review

Scale Computing announced Tuesday integration of flash storage into its hyper-converged infrastructure to improve I/O performance out of the box with an ideal level of affordability, simplicity, scalability and availability in a virtualization platform for small and mid-market datacenters.

Scale Computing integrates flash into tiering to strengthen SMB hyper-converged offering 05/03/2016 -

Scale’s new HEAT technology brings flash into hybrid tiering, with all the performance benefits of using flash for a tier rather than just a cache.

Scale Computing adds flash-enabled automated tiering to its hyperconverged platform 05/03/2016 -

Firm brings automated tiering with SSDs to mid-market hyperconverged kit

Scale Computing partners with Mellanox to add networking to hyper-converged solution February 23, 2016 -

Adding networking to the server, storage and virtualization capabilities of their HC3 solution gives Scale a complete bundle that responds to customer requests for such an addition.

Taking the Hype out of Hyper-convergence 03/17/2015 - ESG

The secret to Scale Computing’s success is the simplicity of implementing and managing their hyper-converged appliance. The Hypercore platform is composed of server compute resources, networking, and storage, integrated with a KVM hypervisor.

Hyper-converged infrastructure systems deliver storage in a bundle 03/03/2015 - TechTarget

Whether in appliance or software-only form factors, hyper-converged infrastructure products offer users appealing benefits.

How to sell storage into virtualized infrastructure environments 03/02/2015 - TechTarget

Hyperconverged products may get to the point where they cover 70% of the market.

Scale Computing Adds DR, New Interface to HC3 6.0 03/02/2015 - TheVarGuy

Scale said it expects HC3 6.0 to help small and midsized businesses tackle the learning curve associated with implementing virtualization and provide a way for organizations to handle disaster recovery.

Top Ten Virtual Data Storage Tips 02/26/2015 - InfoStor

Virtual storage and virtual backup has been around for years. But it’s only in the past year or two that it has begun to catch up with the huge amount of virtualization that has swept across the server landscape over the past decade.

Scale Computing updates HC3 HyperCore 6.0 platform with integrated disaster recovery, streamlines UI workflows 02/25/2015 - CTR

The company’s newest release expands on the feature set first introduced in HyperCore v5 to further overcome barriers of virtualization adoption at smaller companies or departmental organizations.

Scale Computing’s HC3 HyperCore Version 6.0 Now Available 02/24/2015 - FlashStorage

Scale Computing also indicates that their HC3 products offer the server hardware, virtualization software, and storage needed in a hyperconverged platform managed from a single, unified interface, all of which now can extend to remote disaster recovery as well.

Scale Computing Adds Integrated Disaster Recovery and Streamlined UI Workflows with Latest HC3 HyperCore 6.0 Release 02/24/2015 -

As data requirements at organizations of every size continue to require more storage assets and additional compute power, virtualization becomes a more-attractive option.

Briefing Note: Convergence for the SME gets simpler with Scale Computing Hypercore 6.0 02/24/2015 - StorageSwiss

Scale Computing’s focus of delivering turnkey, simple-to-operate, converged infrastructures could be just what the doctor ordered for SMEs.

Scale Computing Adds Support for Virtual Machine Replication 02/24/2015 - IT Business

Obviously, the rise of converged infrastructure will have major ramifications on traditionally managed IT.

Scale Computing’s HC3 HyperCore Version 6.0 Now Available 02/24/2015 - StorageRevie

Scale Computing’s embedded browser-based management console allows for the streamline of workflows, stating that it will result in a 60 percent reduction in clicks during the VM creation workflow as well as faster access to VM consoles directly from its HUD.

Scale Computing broadens VM DR with HyperCore update 02/24/2015 - TechTarget

The latest iteration of Scale’s hyper-convergence enhances cloning with block-level replication of VMs for failover and failback across clustered nodes.

Scale Computing HC3 HyperCore 6.0 Adds Integrated DR and Streamlined UI 02/24/2015 - tom's IT PRO

The move to hyperconverged systems is all about simplicity. Hyperconverged architectures consist of pre-built systems that merge compute, networking, server and storage virtualization into one seamless and easy-to-manage system.

Scale Computing Adds Disaster Recovery for SMB 02/24/2015 - vClouds

Scale has created a great system that’s very easy to manage by SMB administrators, surrounded by a new intuitive design and Web GUI. This is critical for the SME, since the ‘server guy’ of these companies is also usually the ‘storage guy,’ the ‘network guy’ and the ‘desktop/laptop guy.’

Scale Computing Adds Integrated Disaster Recovery And Streamlined UI Workflows With Latest HC3 HyperCore 6.0 Release 02/24/2015 - TheStreet

Scale Computing’s HC3 products provide the server hardware, virtualization software and storage needed in a hyperconverged platform that can be managed from a single, unified interface to simplify data center management.

Scale Computing enhances hyperconverged platform interface for SMBs in 6.0 release 02/24/2015 - ChannelBuzz

Scale is placing its bet on the space, and the latest changes to its platform bring more of the simplicity that market wants.

How to make sense of the expanding hyper-converged market 02/04/2015

Scale Computing doesn’t get talked about as much as the others, but it has thousands of customers and is going after a different portion of the market: small and medium-sized businesses that are non-VMware shops.

Tech Field Day VFD4 – Scale Computing – bringing hyperconvergence to the SMB 01/27/2015

Although Scale Computing originally went to market as a scale out storage solution, their initial intent was to always be in the hyperconvergence space.

VFD4 – Scale Computing – Hyperconvergence for a 4 year old 01/26/2015

Yes, that’s what Jason Collier, CTO and co-founder of Scale Computing, said in his presentation at VFD4. A 4-year-old deployed a Windows server virtual machine.

Scale Computing & the Led Zeppelin School of Virtualization 01/26/2015

As Tech Field Day events go, this one really kicked ass! Not only did we geek out on virtualization stuff, but Scale brought some servers & switches in a crate that you could wheel around or maybe even ride, like a pony.

Hyperconverged IDC shamans mumble mantras over market 01/16/2015

We have seven suppliers, with Scale Computing, EMC, VMware and Pivot3 taking up positions in the major players’ arena.

The Next Phase of Converged Infrastructure 01/14/2015

Converged infrastructure is a trend that has been growing for over 5 years and is rapidly transforming the way that users consume IT

VFD4 Prep: Scale Computing January 14, 2014

I’m keen to hear what’s new with Scale. They’re a great bunch of people, and I genuinely hope they do well.

In Tech We Trust Podcast – 5 Trends in 2014 01/01/2015

2014 was the year of the Hyperconverged solution

Network strategies for 2015 12/15/2014

As we say goodbye to 2014 and review our network equipment plans for the new year, looking at replacement options is not enough.

5 Tips for Working with the Scale Computing HC3 Hyperconvergence Appliance 10/28/2014

Is this all-in-one virtualization box a good choice for an SMB?

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