Scale Computing and NVMe

Scale Computing NVMe

Scale Computing, the creator of the award winning HC3 hyperconverged infrastructure solution, and a market leader in hyperconvergence, has announced unprecedented results in hyperconverged virtual machine IO performance using NVM express (NVMe). The lab tests have achieved mean IO latencies as low as 20 microseconds delivered to a guest virtual machine. The unique architecture of Scale’s software defined storage engine (SCRIBE) coupled with highly responsive NVMe drives enables this extraordinary performance.

NVMe is designed for unparalleled IO performance and Scale Computing’s new HyperCore-Direct NVMe integrated architecture is designed for IT environments that have intense data operations, high performance applications, and other exceptional performance requirements. HyperCore-Direct is part of a specialized business unit at Scale Computing with the goal of helping create customized NVMe implementations for IT environments.

With NVMe and HyperCore-Direct, those organizations that need that extra level of performance will benefit from going beyond the limitations of SATA-based SSD for incredibly fast speeds. HyperCore-Direct and NVMe won’t be a requirement in every IT environment, and the experts at Scale Computing can provide guidance on where NVMe is the best fit.

If you would like more information on how HyperCore-Direct for NVMe can be licensed for your organization or for inclusion in your product, contact Scale Computing Business Development at