OEM Partner Program

Scale Computing OEM Programs

Scale Computing helps industry-leading hardware and software companies (ISVs) grow their business with a proven platform that delights customers with a simple solution, saving them in both cost and complexity.

Embedded OEM:  Hardware and software companies (ISVs) embed the HC3 platform into their solution. The Scale Computing team will work with you to validate your hardware or specific application.   

Rebranded/White Label OEM:  Organizations rebrand HC3 as their own branded Hyperconvergence Infrastructure (Powered by Scale Computing).

Getting to market is easy with Scale Computing. We ensure your teams are fully enabled and trained to capitalize on the growing hyperconverged market opportunity.

Key Benefits to OEM Partners

Trusted Platform:

HC3 is a trusted platform by thousands of customers worldwide across all industries.


Delivering a solution as a purpose-built appliance reduces the complexity of installing on random infrastructure and increases customer satisfaction. It just works. Purpose-built appliances increase margin by including the hardware and reduce attrition.

Ideal for Multiple Sites:

HC3 reduces the complexity and costs of multi-site deployments. HC3 deploys quickly and provides consistent management across all sites making it easier to sell and deploy scaling from 10 to 1000’s of sites.

Quick to Market:

Out of the box, HC3 is a hyperconverged virtualization stack with a fully integrated hypervisor, software-defined storage layer, and backup and disaster recovery features. As a preconfigured appliance-based solution, your applications can be quickly deployed on VMs and shipped as appliances to your customers.

Grow your Business:

Capitalize on the $20b hyperconverged market opportunity. Increase sales, gross profit, and market share by delivering a complete, purpose-built hyperconverged appliance vs. having your customers deploy on alternative infrastructure.

Key Benefits to Your Customers


Compared to traditional brands like VMware, Scale Computing offers a low upfront price and does not charge upfront of annually renewing software licensing, reducing ongoing costs.

Easy to Deploy:

HC3 systems can be installed quickly, even in under an hour, with live virtual machines running and in production.

Easy to Manage:

No specialized training is required. Many typical IT tasks have been replaced by automation. HC3 systems can be managed locally or remotely by IT generalists.


HC3 systems require only a fraction of the hardware resources required by other HCI vendors to run the hypervisor and storage systems. This frees up more hardware resources to run VMs and applications and reduces the size and cost of hardware required by the system.

Highly Available:

Appliances in clusters provide automatic high availability for VMs and storage. Automation and self-healing keep systems online during failure events.


Systems can be right-sized to the needs of data centers or small remote sites for edge computing. Clusters can be scaled out easily and seamlessly as needed.

Consistent Experience:

As an integrated, pre-certified appliance solution, HC3 offers a consistent experience for management, maintenance, performance, and support. HC3 systems just work and our self-healing automation technologies keep them working even through faults and failures.

Ideal for Edge and ROBO:

Remote sites without dedicated IT staff and without traditional IT infrastructure can easily deploy HC3 in a small rack enclosure or other form factors to support onsite applications and services. Combined with 5G networking, sites can provide services such as telephony (VOIP) at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

"It’s been exciting to have spent the past year working with one of the pioneers in hyperconverged software as we jointly engineered this new platform. This solution will bring high availability and scalability to a market that desperately needs it, as we combine compute, storage and networking into one software-driven appliance. This, in turn, allows the integrator to deliver video surveillance recording, access control, visitor management, and other applications into one hyper-converged cluster. The fact that it is easy to deploy and even easier to maintain should open the hyperconverged market up to a larger number of security integrator customers who may have been hesitant to go in this technical direction in the past."

Tom Larson, BCDVideo Vice President

Current OEM Partners Include

Want to learn more or have interest in becoming a Scale Computing OEM Partner please email use at oemsales@scalecomputing.com