Scale Computing has selected Acronis Backup to sell directly to our HC3 customers because it provides an excellent assortment of advanced backup and recovery features. Acronis backup uses an agent-based approach to backups on HC3 allowing for granular backup of files, individual VMs, or all the VMs on an HC3 system.

Acronis Backup is ideal for users with requirements beyond disaster recovery and high availability. While nearly any backup solution can be used with HC3, Acronis provides one of the most well-rounded and powerful feature sets for advanced backup and recovery options on the market.

Here is a list of the features we expect our customers to take advantage of on their HC3 systems.

Affordable Long-term Retention Options for Regulated Industries:

Archive locally using an existing SAN/NAS, a lost-cost storage array, or to Public Cloud storage. Long-term retention allows compliance to regulation requiring years of data recovery. The ability to direct backup data to other storage platforms provides multiple options for storing data at the most reasonable cost.

Proactive ML-based ransomware protection:

Secure all data including network shares and removable devices from ransomware attacks. The machine learning models trained in the Acronis Cloud AI infrastructure recognize numerous ransomware types and suspicious behavior and prevent actual ransomware from attacking. Acronis Active Protection detects zero-day attacks, stops questionable behavior, and automatically recovers damaged files.

Automated, remote, and bare-metal recovery:

Accelerate your recovery up to two times with a complete system image that’s ready for reinstallation, and smart technology that automatically detects boot requirements. Restoring a full system on a computer or virtual machine with an empty “bare-metal” disk drive is now a snap.


Recover after a failure up to 100 times faster with minimum network impact. This technology tracks and saves only changed blocks of information in the backup to significantly reduce the recovery time of virtual machines.

Acronis Universal Restore:

Restore an entire system to new, dissimilar hardware with a few clicks. By overcoming compatibility issues, this technology ensures quick, easy system migration between physical and virtual platforms. You’ll be up and running on a new virtual or physical machine in minutes.

Granular Recovery:

Search for specific documents, emails, and the like, and restore the lost data itself without having to recover full databases or systems. This technology ensures quick, incremental restoration of needed pieces of data and simultaneously reduces recovery times.