HC3 with Workspot VDI 2.0

Scale Computing has joined forces with Workspot to validate a VDI solution that combines the simplicity and scalability of the HC3 platform with the flexibility and ease-of-use of VDI 2.0. Designed to be quickly and easily deployed, the combined integrated solution scales out easily and supports a variety of workplace experiences including traditional desktops and modern mobile devices.

Workspot brought experience starting from the early days of VDI to re-invent VDI and maximize the benefits of the HC3 platform. Called VDI 2.0, Workspot is a modern cloud native architecture that replaces the complex operational components found in older VDI solutions with an instant on and web scale cloud service. Designed jointly, Workspot integrated the power of cloud service with the HC3 platform. The integrated solution delivers peak operational performance and requires fewer IT resources overall to deliver powerful VDI.

HC3 and VDI 2.0 were validated in our test labs with LoginVSI and outlined in our reference architecture report. Here are just a few of the features and benefits of the solution we validated.

Simple web-based management interface accessible anywhere.
Non-disruptive rolling infrastructure updates.
Highly integrated architecture with pre-built provisioning, configuration, and management integration between the Scale and Workspot management consoles, requires only IT generalists, not VDI specialists.
Workspot cloud service is always up to date; requires no maintenance.
High availability, thin cloning, VM snapshots, live migration.
Extensive device support: iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, thin and zero clients.