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Disaster Recovery Strategies with Scale Computing



Disaster recovery is a concept that asks the question, “How can an organization survive and respond to a wide variety of threats ranging from small hiccups to catastrophic destruction?” The threats to ongoing operations range from human error to malicious attacks to natural disasters. Organizations need to prepare in ways that involve both human and technological response. Technology is an important part of any organization. At Scale Computing, we recognize that in today’s 24/7 marketplace, IT infrastructure must be both resilient and highly available to keep organizations operational.

In our HC3 architecture, keeping in mind our typical simplicity and ease of use, we have built-in a number of disaster recovery capabilities. These allow our users to recover quickly from a variety of disasters that may affect anywhere from a single file to an entire site. Disaster recovery is often planned for and measured in terms of recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO). HC3 provides features to achieve both RPO and RTO measured in minutes to minimize both downtime and data loss.