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HyperCore-Direct: NVMe Optimized Hyperconvergence



Scale Computing’s award winning HC3 solution has long been a leader in the hyperconverged infrastructure space. Now targeting even higher performing workloads, Scale Computing is announcing HyperCore-Direct, the first hyperconverged solution to provide software defined block storage utilizing NVMe over fabrics at near bare-metal performance. In this whitepaper, we will showcase the performance of a Scale HyperCore-Direct cluster which has been equipped with Intel® P3700 NVMe drives, as well as a single-node HyperCore-Direct system with Intel® Optane™ P4800X NVMe drives. Various workloads have been tested using off-the-shelf Linux and Windows virtual machine instances. The results show that HyperCore-Direct’s new NVMe optimized version of SCRIBE, the same software-defined- storage powering every HC3 cluster in production today, is able to offer the lowest latency per IO delivered to virtual machines.