Migration to HC3

Migration Made Easy

Continuously captures byte-level changes to a server’s OS, applications and data
Updates DNS for migrations across network subnets to help users easily reconnect after cutover, even across a WAN
Migrate to physical or virtual servers that have a different number of drives, drive sizes, CPUs or memory than the original source
Captures all changes that users make during the migration and replicates them to the new server in real-time
Migrations can be performed during business hours or at any time that makes sense for your business
A simple interface lets you efficiently manage large migration projects
Cutover to the new server can be executed manually or set up to be fully automatic
For virtual server migrations, take advantage of the Test Cutover capabilities to proactively validate your migration cutover will work as planned
Continues replicating changes after the initial synchronization until the desired cutover time
Migrates the entire system or just file or application data for standard or custom file and application servers and even domain controllers

ScaleCare Services

ScaleCare Services are available to assist customers in the migration process. 

ScaleCare QuickStart Migration Service provides a ScaleCare Services Solution Architect to remotely walk you through the process of migrating a single physical or virtual server onto HC3 use the HC3 Move tool and then hand over the keys for you to complete the migration of other workloads on your own time. This service includes planning and a post-migration health check for the single workload migration. This service is delivered remotely.

ScaleCare Migrate Service is a full-service migration offering that allows you to focus on other parts of your hyperconverged infrastructure transformation while ScaleCare Professional Service engineers handle your workload migrations to your HC3 system. This service includes planning and post-migration health checks for all workloads migrated. This service is delivered remotely.