Scale Computing develops converged virtualization and storage systems for small and medium-sized enterprises. These systems enable IT professionals to virtualize environments on a converged scale-out architecture that delivers shared storage benefits without a SAN and with performance that stays one step ahead of demands.

HC3 systems are comprised of HC3 nodes that provide both compute and storage resources. However, it is possible to create a cluster that includes nodes that provide storage only resources without the ability to run VMs directly.

HC3 Hyperconvergence
Scale Computing HC3 3 Node Cluster


The Scale Computing HC3 system is designed to deliver the benefits of virtualization without the need for a NAS or SAN storage layer. An HC3 system contains server virtualization software on every node with access to a single pool of storage that spans multiple HC3 nodes, but always looks like local storage to the hypervisor on each HC3 node.


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Storage Systems
Scale Computing 3 Node Cluster


Scale Computing's storage systems are designed to add storage capacity to an existing HC3 cluster, or to serve as robustly featured, scale-out shared storage for external systems using iSCSI, CIFS, and NFS protocols.






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