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Simple. Powerful. Hyperconverged.

HC3 is the IT virtualization infrastructure platform that is changing the way IT runs from the ground up in the data center and at the edge. Combining servers, storage, hypervisor, and backup/DR, HC3 is helping IT administrators transform infrastructures to be more scalable, more highly available, and more affordable. Simplicity is the not-so-secret ingredient in HC3 that lowers the cost of primary infrastructure and edge infrastructure across an organization.

"With HC3, there is less time spent managing and deploying virtual machines. HC3 is much less complex than VMWare, therefore it saves time and money.

Terry Brailsford, IT Director, Automation Engineering

"There is no longer a lot of planning that needs to go into, recovering, scaling or deploying additional infrastructure. I can focus on improving technology in other areas."

Juan Hernandez, IT Manager, Monoflo International

"Able to implement an offsite backup solution with our ‘big’ IT staff of 2 supporting 3000 users in the education field daily."

Everett Holm, IT Director, Browning School District 9

"We have gone from managing 4 products to one on Scale, with better performance and ease of management."

Jason Martin, IT Manager, SIL International

"The ease of use has allowed us to streamline our IT Servers into one cluster quickly and without concern for support issues."

Joseph Forman, IT Director, Nationwide Health Care Services

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