Scale Computing HC3 platform presents an interesting challenge to the Evo: Rail

12.16.2014: ComputerWeekly: Scale Computing, with its HC3 platforms, presents an interesting challenge to the Evo: Rail design, aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and values simplicity and fast deployment.

Just how far did storage and compute converge in 2013?

02.14.2014: The Register: Long story short; Scale HC3 kit is based at providing cost-efficient and high-performance virtual server facilities enabling customers to escape the payment of VMware fees.

2014 – The Year of Storage Virtualisation

01.03.2014: Architecting IT: When we talk about storage virtualisation there are two scenarios.

Storage in 2014: A Big Year Ahead or More of the Same?

12.30.2013: IT Business Edge: With the steady rise of new cloud services, plus rapidly increasing solid-state deployment and advanced near-line and on-server solutions, storage had a pretty big year in 2013.

War Clouds

12.26.2013: The Huffington Post: Now there is another trend that investors are chasing, which goes beyond the cloud. Convergence of storage, networking, and processing, and operating them at great speed and functionality using software out of one server box has become a growth business for companies.

Let… the SAN shine: 2013 – the year of virtual storage area networks

12.26.2013: The Register: A look at the players who will fight the storage battles of 2014

2014 – The Year of Reality in Production IT Environments

12.10.2013: VMblog: Scale Computing 2014 Predictions - The Year of Reality in Production IT Environments

A Sneak Attack on Big Data Center Makers

12.10.2013: Bloomberg Businessweek: Nutanix is among a small group of companies, including SimpliVity and Scale Computing, that in the past two years have lured smaller businesses away from traditional data centers with promises of big savings.

VMware VSAN vs the Simplicity of Hyperconvergence

12.10.2013: Wikibon: Unlike VSAN, Scale Computing, Nutanix and SimpliVity sell solutions comprised of hardware and software. While their software could, in theory, be sold as standalone software, bundling the software with pre-architected hardware into hyperconverged appliances allows them to provide their customers with better support and be sure that the total package can provide a predictable level of performance and capacity.

Is Hyperscale Possible In Networking?

12.03.2013: Network Computing: Hyperscale is everywhere today. Companies like Nutanix and Scale Computing are showing how hyperscale can apply to workloads to distribute them across distributed nodes to increase processing power and storage space.

Data Storage: Hyperconvergence Buying Guide

11.25.2013: Enterprise Storage Forum: Hyperconvergence is a term we are hearing more about these days in the IT sector, including in the data storage market.

Is converged storage (compute + storage in one box) a good thing or bad?

11.25.2013: Brian Madden: There's a trend in the datacenter called "converged storage" which is where you combine compute and storage into the same box. In our world Nutanix is probably the best known example of this, though we've written about others too (like Simplivity and Scale Computing).

Building blocks of converged infrastructures

11.25.2013: TechTarget: A converged data center infrastructure replaces traditional homogeneous and heterogeneous data center infrastructures for enterprise computing.

Hyperconvergence in Education

11.14.2013: EdTech Digest: Hyperconvergence — it sounds fancy, but it is the easiest way to keep our school’s mission-critical data and applications always available.

Four Trends that CIOs Should Not Ignore

10.30.2013: Wikibon: Every so often, I like to provide CIOs with easily digestible summaries of hot technologies that can solve real business problems starting today while, at the same time, taking a bit of a longer view to help CIOs get a better understanding of what’s coming down the pike.

Dell VRTX Wraps in Additional Features

10.28.2013: Network World: Dell has the leg up from an established go to market channel and as a trusted IT infrastructure provider, but these emerging vendors are nipping at the heel. Dell must continue to integrate additional functionality into VRTX and stay ahead of these innovators at a pace that allows customers to quickly get the benefits and are willing to invest.

VSAN remet en cause les boîtiers de stockage virtualisés

10.22.2013: Informatique News: Le logiciel de Scale computing pilote ainsi directement des pools de disques SAS ou Sata selon le mode Raid 10.

Scale Computing Sees Significant Growth in Europe

10.18.2013: CBR: Scale Computing, a vendor of hyperconverged solutions for midsized organisations, has announced its revenue growth of 86% and its number of customers has increased by 45% in Europe in the last year.

The Business Value of Included Software

09.24.2013: DCIG: IT leaders can only go to the proverbial well so many times. When business requirements change, having to go back and ask for more money in order to turn on a newly required capability makes the purchaser look stupid.

The Era of Application-Storage Convergence Has Arrived

09.24.2013: DCIG: Converged infrastructures are emerging as the next "Big Thing" in enterprise datacenters with servers, storage and networking delivered as a single SKU. Yet what providers are beginning to recognize - and what organizations should begin to expect - is that unprecedented jumps in application performance and resource optimization are now possible.

VIDEO: Vanessa Alvarez - VMworld 2013 - theCUBE

08.30.2013: theCUBE: Vanessa Alvarez is a self-proclaimed "fan of converged infrastructure" and she got to talk in depth about Scale Computing, virtualization and the trends in the business.

Virtualization Has Become Mainstream + Simplified Infrastructure Is Everything

08.29.2013: Silicon Angle: John Furrier was joined for the last day of VMworld 2013 in San Francisco by Jeff Frick and they interviewed Vanessa Alvarez, Head of Marketing at Scale Computing, for the flagship interview series theCUBE.

Scale Computing’s SCRIBE - The Handwriting is on the Wall

08.29.2013: Storage Switzerland: So what’s new under the HC3 hood? Scale has unveiled a new object storage framework, called SCRIBE, into their ICOS software (Inter Cluster Operating System). SCRIBE enables Scale platforms to virtualize storage devices (VSDs) within clustered Scale Computing nodes and from 3rd party storage manufacturers. Customized storage performance and data resiliency profiles can then be built for individual virtual machines (VMs) residing within the Scale cluster.

VMworld 2013 storage product launches cover arrays, flash and cloud

08.28.2013: Tech Target: The VMworld 2013 conference is rife with storage product launches as vendors across all parts of the storage landscape are bringing out new or updated products to help manage storage with virtual machines and desktops.

Scale Computing’s SCRIBE vows to lob virty storage kit into the bin

08.28.2013: The Register: Physical arrays too. Watch out EMC, we're tearing through those storage layers

Interview with Vanessa Alvarez of Scale Computing

08.15.2013: Virtual Strategy Magazine: Founded in 2009, Scale Computing delivers hyperconvergence for organizations. What this means is that our HC3 platform seamlessly integrates servers, virtualization and storage into a single platform that is simple, highly available and scalable.

The 25 Coolest Emerging Vendors For 2013

08.13.2013: CRN: Scale Computing's HC3 system is an integrated server, storage and virtualization platform designed to help midsize businesses develop private clouds. The product is highly scalable and makes complex IT infrastructure appear as a single server.

600 Deployments of Hyperconverged Platform by Scale Computing

08.13.2013: Storage Newsletter: Scale Computing, Inc. has seen record customer and industry traction for its product HC3 in building virtualized and private cloud environments.

Friday’s Last Word: Scale Computing CEO Jeff Ready

08.09.2013: Talkin' Cloud: CEO Jeff Ready founded the company in 2007 to develop clustered IT infrastructure products for small to medium-sized organizations. The company has now grown to more than 1,000 deployments. Which country singer did he build a light up LED sign for? We'll provide you with the answer, along with other interesting facts.

Eliminating the HDD Exposure Window that Exists in SMBs

08.06.2013: DCIG: In this fourth part of my interview series with Scale Computing's Global Solution Architect, Alan Conboy, and its EVP and GM, Patrick Conte, Alan chimes in as to what Scale Computing has done to eliminate the exposure window associated with failed HDDs.

Hyperconvergence: the Next Tidal Wave in IT Infrastructure

07.29.2013: Silicon Angle: Organizations have traditionally acquired the biggest servers, storage and networking equipment money could buy, all to get the best performance and capabilities. But with virtualization now making its way into the enterprise, these traditional solutions are no longer enough.

Mid-sized companies can reduce cost and complexity with a datacenter-in-a-box

07.29.2013: Network World: When it comes to IT, mid-sized companies are often at a disadvantage compared to much larger enterprises. These companies, which typically have less than a thousand employees, still have similar application needs as large companies, but often lack the budget and skilled IT workers to deploy and manage the modern computing systems needed to support the apps.

Scale Computing in ZDNet

07.26.2013: ZDNet: Small to medium businesses need the same capabilities for converged and virtualized systems as do larger firms. Typically, however, they don't have the same level of expertise or the resources to deploy complex systems. They want solutions not a computer science project. Scale Computing believes its approach and its HC3 systems will address their needs.

Goodbye virtualization, Hello management and orchestration

07.24.2013: Wikibon Blog: The virtualization layer has become a commodity. VMware knows it. Microsoft knows it. VMware is working hard to remake itself as less of a hypervisor company and more of a management and orchestration company. Microsoft has frantically added new features to Hyper-V which put the product practically on par with VMware from a feature checklist perspective.

Scale Computing comments: VMware’s hot seat getting hotter by the minute

07.19.2013: Gigaom: VMware’s push into the hyper-competitive enterprise cloud space comes at an interesting time for the server virtualization leader. A growing list of factors — the continuing exits of key execs, the fraying of alliances with partners, and the looming presence of Amazon Web Services — means it has to step very, very carefully if it is to have an impact.

Scale Computing Lets Partners in on Hyperconverged Secret

07.19.2013: MSP Today: Scale Computing offers a technology dubbed hyperconvergence and now wants to let partners in on the action through its news Platinum Partner Program.

Hyper-convergence For The Rest of Us

07.19.2013: Storage Switzerland: Busy IT guys just need things to work - right out the box. Despite all the advancements in technology, like server virtualization, many mid-sized data center administrators are more burdened with day-to-day infrastructure management than ever before.

Scale Computing Puts its Go To Market Partners to Work

07.19.2013: Network World: Scale Computing's Platinum Partner Program is designed to embrace Scale's charter members and enable them to grow their businesses more efficiently.

Scale Computing Aims to Grow Private Cloud Opportunities for VARs

07.19.2013: Talkin' Cloud: Scale Computing has formalized a channel partner program to work with VARs to deliver hyperconverged solutions to address the need for private cloud environments.

The Modern Data Center: An Integrated World

07.10.2013: Data Center Knowledge: The data center of yesteryear is no longer enough for businesses today. Businesses, large and small, are in a fast paced competitive landscape right now, regardless of industry. A big driver in this is the fact that technology has truly become part of a business’s competitive advantage.

Driving Down Costs in Scale-out Computing Architectures

07.08.2013: DCIG: In this third part of my interview series with Scale Computing's Global Solution Architect, Alan Conboy, and its EVP and GM, Patrick Conte, we discuss what Scale Computing has done to drive out costs in its scale-out HC3 solution.

90% of Small and Midmarket Companies Want to Keep Their Critical Apps and Data Out of the Cloud

07.08.2013: DCIG: There is a tendency among technology providers to sometimes pooh-pooh the virtualization needs of small and midsized businesses and only focus on the needs of the "really big enterprises."

Complexity in Midmarket IT Solutions Driving Need for the Hyper Converged Infrastructure; Part I

06.14.2013: DCIG: IT staff in midsized organizations face a peculiar challenge: it is expected to be masters of the technology in use at the organization as well as being up-to-speed on all internal business initiatives. To accomplish this twin feat, they need a new type of product that takes the best technologies available today, packages them as a single SKU and then makes it easy to install and manage.

Scale Computing chooses Hermitage Solutions for the distribution of HC3 in France

06.10.2013: Global Security Mag: Scale Computing, a U.S. company specialized in hyperconvergence chooses Hermitage Solutions for distribution in France of HC3, a virtualization infrastructure as hardware appliance.

Scale Computing Scales Up With Linux KVM Servers

05.16.2013: ServerWatch: Scale Computing is scaling up its server business with a new HC3x server. The new HC3x expands on the initial HC3 servers with increased scale and scaleperformance. The HC3x starts off with a 3-node system with each node powered by a 6-core Intel Xeon E5 2400 and packed with 64 GB of memory.

Channel discovers scale-out architecture allies in SMB storage space

01.21.2013: Tech Target: The scale-out network-attached storage (NAS) market aims for a best-of-both-worlds approach: Combine scalability previously reserved for storage-area networks with a file server's strength in managing unstructured data.

iSCSI storage system innovation coming from SMB products

01.02.2013: TechTarget: A lot of the innovation in iSCSI storage systems is coming from midrange iSCSI vendors. We list some key points to help you determine if iSCSI is a fit for your organization.

EMC’s Storage Strategy

01.02.2013: Network Computing: The first monkey wrench is the rise in non-structured data (that is, data that doesn't reside in a relational database). The basic label for this category is big data, but the category also covers use cases such as online archiving and other data-driven intelligence applications. The requirements around this category include simplicity, low cost and high capacity.

Extreme makeover, legacy technology edition

01.02.2013: ZD Net: If you were to design an IT infrastructure from scratch would it look like anything you have today? 'No freaking way,' says a leading virtualization proponent.

Scale Computing HC3 solves school district’s virtualization problems

01.02.2013: TechTarget: When California-based Standard School District found that its aging hardware could no longer support its VMware environment, choosing a Scale Computing HC3 "storage in a box" was a simple solution.

Scale Computing wary of EMC’s ‘VMware trap’

12.03.2012: TechTarget: Scale Computing will use the $12 million funding round it recently closed to market its HC3 “hyper-converged” platform that combines storage, virtualization and networking. That marketing job includes explaining why the startup chose to use Red Hat’s KVM as the embedded hypervisor instead of VMware.

Non-IT sees cloud computing advantages, drives adoption

12.03.2012: TechTarget: Cloud computing is here, and enterprises are increasingly taking advantage of the limitless pool of offsite resources it provides. With few exceptions, though, IT isn't really leading the charge -- even though it should be.

Scale Computing CTO: Big Data demands scale-out storage

11.05.2012: TechWorld: By tightly integrating storage and virtualisation, midmarket companies can ensure high availability for their applications

Scale Computing Banks $12M for Midrange Converged Systems

10.24.2012: InfoStor: Indianapolis-based Scale Computing, a small to midsized business (SMB) storage specialist, announced today that it had raised $12 million in a Series D round of funding. Heron Capital Venture Fund led the round, which included newcomer Reservoir Venture Partners and several existing investors.

Scale Computing Weighs in on Convergence Market With $12M Series D

10.24.2012: Dow Jones: Investors have plowed $12 million in Series D funding into Scale Computing , betting that data centers will continue their early embrace of converged storage and computing,

Scale Computing Attracts More Investment

10.24.2012: Inside Indiana Business: Indianapolis-based Scale Computing has secured another $12 million in venture capital. The IT infrastructure company says the funding round has been led by Heron Capital Venture Fund in Indianapolis. It has also attracted Ohio-based Reservoir Venture Partners as a new investor.

Venture capital deals

10.24.2012: CNN Money: Scale Computing, an Indianapolis-based provider of IT infrastructure solutions for small and mid-sized organizations, has raised $12 million in Series D funding. Heron Capital Venture Fund led the round, and was joined by Reservoir Venture Partners and return backers Allos Ventures, CID Equity Capital, Spring Mill Venture Fund, Northgate Capital, Benchmark Capital Partners and Scale Venture Partners.

Scale Computing lands $12 million in VC funding

10.24.2012: IBJ: Scale Computing, a maker of data-storage devices that recently launched a “datacenter in a box,” has landed another $12 million in venture funding.

Scale Computing Gets $12M Funding To Develop Hyperconverged Solutions

10.24.2012: CRN: Scale Computing on Tuesday said it closed a new round of funding for $12 million to help it continue developing hyperconverged infrastructure, or "datacenter-in-a-box," offerings that integrate server, storage, networking and hypervisor into a single managed system.

Data Storage Company, Scale Computing, Raises $12M Series D Led By Heron Capital To Grow Its Datacen

10.24.2012: TechCrunch: Data storage company Scale Computing, which provides clustered storage infrastructure for small and medium-sized companies, has closed a $12 million Series D funding round, led by Heron Capital Venture Fund. Reservoir Venture Partners also contributed to this round as a new investor, joining existing investors — including: Allos Ventures, CID Equity Capital, Spring Mill Venture Fund, Northgate Capital, Benchmark Capital Partners and Scale Venture Partners.

Scale Computing promises SMBs a low cost way into virtualisation

10.17.2012: IT Pro: Scale-out storage vendor claims new product bundle will help firms save money on virtualisation projects.

Storage systems get supersized

10.12.2012: Computerworld: Storage systems are becoming storage computers as vendors push functionality downstream.

The Hyperconverged Infrastructure

09.10.2012: Network Computing: One of the biggest trends in the data center during the past two or three years has been the emergence of integrated stacks that combine compute platforms, storage and networking into a complete system. Customers like the idea of an integrated stack, as it eliminates finger pointing when something goes wrong and reduces implementation time.

VMworld to focus on SME products

09.05.2012: TechWorld: Businesses with less than 1,000 employees get special attention next week at VMware's VMworld conference in San Francisco where

Virtualized Infrastructure As An Appliance From Scale Computing

09.04.2012: The DataCenter Journal: Scale Computing, a clustered storage vendor has announced upgrades to its storage cluster which now includes compute resources and delivers easier management and allocation of storage and memory along with reduction in costs. These compute resources are dedicated to apps and a hypervisor component. The new HC3 update is being promoted as infrastructure in a box. The company states that this appliance can do away with the need to buy shared storage, virtualization software and external servers. This also reduces the complexity of the virtualization ecosystem. The HC3 also has a virtualization tab which can be found in the management console.

Scale Computing turns storage cluster into virtual data center in a box with HC3

09.04.2012: eChannelLine: Indianapolis-based Scale Computing, which has been making clustered storage solutions for the virtualization and archiving needs of the SME space, is announcing it is broadening its footprint in the datacenter with HC³. HC³ integrates Scale's storage with servers and virtualization into a single cluster for applications.

Scale Computing HC3 – Converged Infrastructure For Everybody!

09.04.2012: Stephen Foskett - Pack Rat: “Convergence” is a hot topic today but, like so many buzzwords, the term takes on many different meanings. But let’s consider converged infrastructure for a moment – systems that seamlessly combine server and storage. A variety of offerings can be called “converged”, from “stacks” of equipment curated by major vendors and resellers to integrated boxes with everything inside. Scale Computing is the latest company to join the ranks of the latter, introducing a “hyper-converged” solution combining a server hypervisor and scale-out storage software in a simple 1U chassis.

Scale Computing debuts a converged system

09.04.2012: InformationWeek: Scale Computing is introducing a new mid-range storage system which converges servers, virtualization, networking, and storage. HC3 consists of purpose-built servers and storage nodes, as well as virtualization software and virtual 1-Gbps and 10-Gbps Ethernet network adapters for connectivity. They support Windows Server or Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Datacenter in a box for SMB/SME

09.04.2012: Juku: Scale Computing just announced their new software upgrade to ICOS that brings server virtualization capabilities to their scale out storage. (yes, you read it right, it’ll be available to existing customers too).

Scale Computing weighs in with converged storage, compute, VM cluster

09.04.2012: TechTarget: Launched at VMworld 2012 here, HC3 runs in clusters of three or more nodes. Each node includes Red Hat Inc.'s KVM hypervisor built in; no additional virtual machine licenses are required. With the HC3, Scale is targeting midsize companies with small IT staffs, according to CEO Jeff Ready.

HC3: Simple Integrated Solution for the SMB

09.04.2012: Wahl Network: I’ve been witness to a number of converged infrastructure systems at the large corporate and enterprise scale environments. These solutions are typically quite robust in nature, requiring a number of disciplines to implement and maintain. You’ll most likely need a background in a variety of areas, such as blades, SAN, virtualization, and route / switch networking in order to be successful with a deployment. A larger corporation or enterprise scale environment will have these skill sets on staff, or have a means to provide them on an ad-hoc basis (via consultants or contract employment).

Scale Computing – HC3 Product Launch

09.04.2012: Virtual Bill: Scale Computing… the company with a name that never really made sense… until today. You see, Scale Computing began in 2007 as a storage company. Their most recent product lines, the M Series and S Series products, utilized GPFS (licensed through IBM) to provide a clustered filesystem for data consumption. Need more space… just add a new node and let the cluster work its magic. Combine the simplicity of the cluster file system with the creation of a highly usable web-based management utility, and you get a simple and powerful storage system.

HC3 the Datacenter-in-a-box

09.04.2012: InfoWorld: Clustered storage vendor Scale Computing today upgraded its scale-out storage cluster to include compute resources dedicated to applications and a hypervisor component that allows storage and memory to be easily managed and allocated.

Storage Start-Ups Find Inspiration in Old-School Mainframes

09.04.2012: Wall Street Journal: Scale Computing will sell an appliance as of Monday that combines a server and a storage system in a single box, taking data centers of the future in a direction which seems oddly like the mainframe past.

Scale Computing releases Datacenter-in-a-box

09.04.2012: ComputerWorld: Scale Computing calls its new HC3 appliance "infrastructure-in-a-box," saying it eliminates the need to buy virtualization software, external servers and shared storage. That can mean significant reductions in both costs and complexity.

The Dynamics of Scaling out Storage

08.05.2011: CTO Edge: Some might argue that the shift to scale-out storage is an event that is long overdue.

Scale-Out Storage Provides Performance Edge As Capacity Increases

07.25.2011: CRN: An article on the topis of scale-out storage written by Joseph F. Kovar, CRN.

Scale Plays for HP Storage Resellers with Free Training and Financial Incentives

06.29.2011: IT Channel Planet: All partners receive technical training on deploying and managing its storage solutions.

Scale Computing reworks partner program to add powerful marketing punch

05.26.2011: eChannelLine: The changes include an expansion of the program from two to four tiers --- Preferred, Select, Choice and Engaged.

Forbes to Identify America’s Most Promising Companies

04.20.2011: Forbes: Including quotes from Scale Computing CEO, Jeff Ready.

America’s Most Promising Companies: Where Are They Now?

04.20.2011: Forbes: America’s Most Promising Companies class of 2009 came through stronger than ever.

Mays Chemical Deployed 4TB Cluster From Scale Computing

04.04.2011: Storage Newsletter: Selected vs. HP LeftHand and Dell EqualLogic

2011 Partner Program Guide

03.28.2011: CRN: Scale Computing's Partner Program has been rated 5 Stars by CRN

Scale-out storage, the big winner for 2010

02.24.2011: Storage Magazine : Early adopters pave the way for primary storage use and more efficiencies

Is Your Business Taking Over Your Marriage?

02.14.2011: How three entrepreneur couples balance romance and the passion for their business

Readers’ Lives - Last tango in Buenos Aires

02.14.2011: ChannelWeb UK: Resellers should pick the battles they have a chance of winning

Is Your Business Taking Over Your Marriage?

02.11.2011: Entrepreneur : How three entrepreneur couples balance romance and the passion for their business

Storage Predictions for 2011

02.10.2011: The Data Chain: From Scale Computing CTO, Jason Collier

Scale Computing Announces Growth Plans

02.10.2011: Inside Indiana Business: Scale Computing says it plans to triple its work force over the next two years

IBJ 40 Under 40: Jeff Ready

02.07.2011: Indianapolis Business Journal : The serial entrepreneur discusses the evolution of great ideas

A Storage Cheat Sheet for SMB Clients

02.07.2011: ChannelPro: Scale Computing provides valuable ways of describing various storage options

How Jeff Ready succeeds by letting his people make mistakes

02.01.2011: Smart Business: How to help your people grow by giving them responsibility

Dell-EMC Relationship “On The Rocks” After Storage Acquisition

12.13.2010: Forbes: Expert insight from Jeff Ready, CEO of Scale Computing

Dell eyes up Compellent - but what does it mean for the channel?

12.10.2010: ChannelPro: Expert opinion from Jeff Ready, Scale Computing CEO

Compellent VARs raise Dell merger fears

12.10.2010: ChannelWeb UK: Scale CEO Jeff Ready Offers Insight

Dell Makes $876M offer to buy Compellent to Expand Storage Business

12.09.2010: eWeek: Scale Computing CEO Offers Expert Insight

Data Storage Company Scale Computing Raises $17 Million Series C

11.24.2010: TechCrunch: Scale Computing's latest round of funding brings the total raised for the company to $31 million.

Storage Funding Marches On: $17M for Scale Computing

11.24.2010: GigaOM : Clustered file system startup Scale Computing has closed a $17 million Series C round.

Scale Computing scores $17M in venture capital

11.24.2010: Indianapolis Business Journal: Scale Computing has landed $17 million from a California venture fund to help fuel its expansion plans.

Scale Computing Receives Big Investment

11.24.2010: Inside Indiana Business: Scale Computing raises $31 million in the last 18 months.