ScaleCare Support and Services

At Scale Computing, we view our Support and Services as an extension of our HC3 line of products. In the Midmarket, IT administrators need a partner in the datacenter. By simplifying the architecture of IT infrastructure and converging the servers, storage and virtualization into a single appliance, HC3 reduces the number of vendors for our customers to call in the event of an issue. As the saying goes, “One throat to choke,” or as we often hear from our customers, “One back to pat.”

Contact Scale Computing toll-free for North America at 877-SCALE-59 or for EMEA at +44 808 234 0699

UK -- +44 808 234 0699
France -- +33 800 915 059
Germany -- +49 800 000 0340
Netherlands -- +31 800 230 0202
Spain -- +34 800 654 159
South Africa -- +27 080 098 4036
Sweden -- +46 020 012 5152
Turkey -- +00 800 14 203 0057

For product support questions, email

ScaleCare Support Details

1 year of ScaleCare Support included in the price of all HC3 nodes
Initial ScaleCare Support may be extended to 3 and 5 years then renewed after the initial period
Remote installation of HC3 nodes
24/7 technical support with certified technicians based in Indianapolis, Indiana
Includes Hardware Warranty – Next Business Day delivery for critical replacements

ScaleCare Support Services 

ScaleCare Premium Installation:

Provides priority installation scheduling, planning, and a deep-dive training on the HC3 system.

ScaleCare On-Site Installation:

Brings an expert ScaleCare Services Solutions Architect onsite to expertly install your HC3 system.

ScaleCare Network Configuration:

Includes planning and configuring the network as well as validation.

ScaleCare QuickStart Migration:

Includes physical to virtual or virtual to virtual environments. Services cover everything from planning and set up to post migration health checks.

ScaleCare Migrate:

A full-service migration offering that allows you to focus on other parts of your hyperconverged infrastructure transformation while ScaleCare Professional Service engineers handle your workload migrations to your HC3 system.

ScaleCare Disaster Recovery Planning:

Provides expert consulting for disaster recovery planning, a disaster recovery runbook, and disaster recovery testing.

HC3 Cloud Unity DRaaS:

Provides secure disaster recovery hosted on the Google Cloud Platform with seamless failover and recovery for users.

ScaleCare Premium Installation Service

HC3 is very easy to install and configure. Our engineers and customers can get a cluster up and running with live VMs in under an hour. Although we are confident you can get your HC3 system running smoothly on your own, we know you might wantmore. That is what our ScaleCare Premium Installation Service is all about.

If you want a jumpstart on your HC3 installation and expertise, we can assist you with every aspect of installation starting with planning, prerequisites, virtual and physical networking configuration, and give you priority scheduling. You get help even before you unbox your HC3 system to prepare for a worry-free install. The priority scheduling helps you plan your install around your own schedule, which we know can be both busy and complex.
The ScaleCare Premium Installation Service also includes remote installation with a ScaleCare Technical Support Engineer. This remote install includes a UI overview and setup assistance and if applicable, a walkthrough of HC3 Move software for workload migrations to HC3 of any physical or virtual servers. Remote installation means a ScaleCare engineer is with you every step of the way as you install and configure your HC3 system.
Finally, ScaleCare Premium Installation includes deep dive training of everything HC3 with a dedicated ScaleCare Technical Support Engineer. This training, which normally takes around 4 hours to complete, will make you an HC3 expert on everything from virtualization, networking, backup/DR, to our patented SCRIBE storage system. You’ll basically be a PHD of HC3 by the time you are done with the install.

Premium Installation includes:

Requirements and Planning Pre-Installation Call
Virtual and Physical Networking Planning and Deployment Assistance
Priority Scheduling for Installations
Remote Installation with a ScaleCare Technical Support Engineer
UI Overview and Setup Assistance
Walkthrough of HC3 Move software for migrations to HC3 of a Windows physical or virtual server
Training with a dedicated ScaleCare Technical Support Engineer

ScaleCare training includes:

Time with a dedicated ScaleCare Technical Support Engineer
HC3 and Scribe Overview
HC3 Configuration Deep Dive
Virtualization Best Practices
Networking Best Practices
Backup / DR Best Practices

ScaleCare On-Site Installation Service

HC3 systems are famous for being easy to rapidly deploy and they are. Every HC3 user gets world-class remote support in installing their HC3 systems. Some HC3 users choose the remotely assisted Premium Installation Service to both deploy their system and expand their HC3 knowledge. For the most seamless deployment, however, nothing is better than having a ScaleCare expert engineer on-site.

The ScaleCare On-Site Installation Service is designed to give HC3 users the most reliable deployment possible. This service brings a ScaleCare Services Solutions Architect onsite to install your HC3 cluster nodes. The ScaleCare Architect will not only deploy the HC3 system but will walk you through the interface and configuration.

Before arriving on-site, the ScaleCare Architect will pre-plan the on-site visit to make sure all prerequisites have been met. HC3 systems depoy quickly, especially in the hands of a ScaleCare Architect, leaving plenty of time for further configuration and in-person knowledge transfer.

ScaleCare On-Site Installation includes:

Pre-Installation Planning and Requirements Call
One day of on-site work by a ScaleCare Services Solutions Architect
On-Site initialization of HC3 System
On-Site HC3 web interface configuration and walkthrough
Final hand off to a ScaleCare Support Engineer for any additional services to be scheduled and completed remotely

*The ScaleCare On-Site Installation Service requires a minimum installation of 3 HC3 nodes.

*The ScaleCare On-Site Installation Service is not included with the purchase of an HC3 system. It is an optional service available for a fee. Only available in North America.

ScaleCare Network Configuration Service

HC3 is an appliance-based hypercoverged infrastructure solution that requires 1GbE or 10GbE networking. Whether you have the existing network in place or are adding/upgrading networking to support HC3, the ScaleCare Network Configuration Serviceis designed to assist you. Our knowledgeable ScaleCare Support Engineers will provide guidance and configuration assistance to ensure you are able to connect your users to HC3 seamlessly.  
The ScaleCare Network Configuration Service includes knowledge transfer to make sure you not only understand the requirements for installation and configuration, but also best practices and networking considerations for working with your new HC3 system and future growth.

ScaleCare Network Configuration includes:

Environment review and networking planning call
Best practice overview
Knowledge transfer
Remote configuration of 1GbE or 10GbE Switch(s) - if applicable

— Configuration of switches to work within existing, networking infrastructure including VLANs, STP, logging, and other basic switch functions

— Setup of HA networking for multiple switches

*Scale Computing will assist with remote configuration of switches that are listed on the “Recommended Switches” list in the HC3 Networking Guidelines document available on the *Scale Computing website and customer support portal.

*The ScaleCare Network Configuration Service is not included with the purchase of an HC3 system. It is an optional service available for a fee. This service is delivered remotely.

ScaleCare Quickstart Migration Service

Our most commonly asked question about HC3 might be, “How do I move my workloads onto HC3 virtualization?” There are a number of migration products and services on the market, but none is simpler or more tailored to HC3 than our ScaleCare Quickstart Migration Service.
Our HC3 Move software solution, powered by Carbonite®, migrates workloads with minimal downtime from any physical, virtual, or cloud platform onto HC3. The ScaleCare Quickstart Migration Service assists you in using HC3 Move to migrate your workloads to HC3
The HC3 ScaleCare Quickstart Migration Service migrates one Windows or Linux physical or virtual workload into an HC3 virtual machine. It is a kickstart for customers who plan to manage the migration of all other servers to HC3 and want to ensure they understand how to use our HC3 Move software successfully.

HC3 ScaleCare Quickstart Migration Services includes:

Initial discovery and planning of workloads to migrate
Scheduling of migrations
Installation of Migration Agents and Management Console (HC3 & Source)
Transfer, Migration, and Failover
Post-migration Health Assessment

*HC3 licenses are purchased separately. No HC3 licenses are included with the Quickstart Migrate Service.

*The ScaleCare Network Configuration Service is not included with the purchase of an HC3 system. It is an optional service available for a fee. This service is delivered remotely.

ScaleCare Migrate Service

Workload migration projects are part of every step up to a newer and better IT infrastructure. These projects require discovery, assessment, planning, scheduling, before migration can even begin. For most IT departments, migrations are not a familiar part of their expertise because they often only occur once every few years.

At Scale Computing, our ScaleCare Services Solutions Architect are experts at migrations. We assist every HC3 user in implementing their new infrastructure and every HC3 user requires migration. Migration is a something we deal with daily, not every few years.   

The ScaleCare Migrate Service is designed to help expedite your transition to HC3 with a full-service migration of your existing physical or virtual workloads to HC3 with minimal downtime or disruption. With this service, ScaleCare Architects migrate all of your workloads onto your HC3 system. The ScaleCare Migrate Service is provided remotely.

ScaleCare Migrate Service includes:

Initial discovery and planning of workloads to migrate
Scheduling of migrations
Preparation of migration software or tools
Transfer, Migration, and Failover
Post-Migration Health Check

*The ScaleCare Migrate Service is not included with the purchase of an HC3 system. It is an optional service available for a fee. This service is delivered remotely.

ScaleCare Disaster Recovery (DR) Planning Service

With HC3, enabling disaster recovery is easy, but finding the time to put together a disaster recovery plan may be a bit more challenging. If you are short on time, or just aren’t even sure how you should start drafting and designing a DR plan, we can help. Our expert ScaleCare engineers will assist you in being fully prepared in case disaster strikes.

The ScaleCare DR Planning Service utilizes the native backup and replication features of HC3. ScaleCare Support Engineers will not only assist in setup and configuration of HC3 DR features, but will assist in drafting a complete disaster recovery plan, based on the proven DR runbook template used in Scale Computing’s Remote Recovery Service, the hosted disaster recovery service.

The ScaleCare DR Planning Service will leave you ready to failover and failback workloads as needed and perform DR testing when appropriate. The DR runbook provided will be your essential guide for recovering your HC3 workloads should the need arise.

ScaleCare DR Planning Service includes:

Setup and configuration of clusters for replication
Remote-access concepts
Completion of Disaster Recovery Run-Book (Disaster Recovery plan)
Best-practice review
Failover and failback demonstration
Assistance in facilitating a DR test


Both HC3 clusters or single-node systems are installed and can reach each other directly on their LAN interfaces. Preferably, both clusters are still in the same location to expedite the initial data mirroring
Minimum 10Mbit link between sites

*The ScaleCare Disaster Recovery Planning Service is not included with the purchase of an HC3 system. It is an optional service available for a fee. This service is delivered remotely.

HC3 Cloud Unity DRaaS

This disaster recovery as a service offering provides an HC3 DR target running securely in Google Cloud Platform. Workloads can be replicated to the Google cloud for failover or recovery on a per VM basis. Your HC3 on-prem system is already acting as a private cloud so cloud-based disaster recovery fits perfectly.

As a service, this option allows predictable pricing that can protect anywhere from a single VM to any number of VMs on HC3 clusters. This service uses the built-in snapshot and replication features that can provide RPO and RTO measured in minutes. There is no VPN required for connectivity. HC3 Cloud Unity DRaaS uses L2 networking to provide seamless connectivity between on-prem and remote hosted VMs in the event of failover.

HC3 Cloud Unity DRaaS includes award-winning ScaleCare support at every stage to assist in setup, testing, failover, and recovery. The service also comes with a runbook to assist with both planning and execution. When needed, all protected VMs can be failed over and running in the cloud and then failed back once the on-prem resources are restored.

Whether an organization does not have a second site or would rather not manage one, DRaaS is a perfect fit. The combination of predictable cost and reliable recovery will provide piece of mind for business continuity.

HC3 Cloud Unity DRaaS features:

No software installs
Network efficiency
Secure communication
Continuous replication
Per VM granularity
DR testing
Remote failover
User configurable replication intervals
Failback to on-site

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