HC3 for Private Cloud

'Fastest way to private cloud is to buy a solution that has everything you need integrated at the factory and shipped in a single box. The value: simply rack it, power it up and start using it' Forrester, Private Cloud Solutions, 2009

HC3 is designed to be the foundation for your private cloud. Its integrated platform of server, storage and virtualization with HyperCore intelligent software allows mid sized businesses to achieve the benefits of public clouds like Amazon or Google, within your own on premise environment. Private cloud is no longer for just enterprises, but for any mid size business looking to achieve the same simplicity, availability and scalability at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

Many of HC3's benefits include:

Share pools of resources: Our standardized preconfigured platform allows you to achieve efficiencies by pooling together resources and automatically optimizing them based on the needs of business applications. This flexibility allows for all nodes to deliver their full capacity.

Pay as you scale: you no longer have to forecast for the unknown. Buy what you need today, and buy more capacity only as your business grows, simply by adding more nodes or clusters incrementally.

Self service web portal: IT administrators can access a web portal anywhere, configure and provision VM clusters in a matter of minutes, and let the platform do the rest. This easy to use intuitive user interface is designed with the IT admin in mind.

Automated management: Managing infrastructure is no longer a chore. HC3's automated management features, including OneTouch provisioning, OneTouch Configuration and Dynamic VM allocation allow for you to rest easy in knowing your environment is running non stop.