Easy to use, hard to believe.

We’ve developed a product that integrates server, storage, and virtualization into a single appliance designed to deliver simplicity, availability, and scalability at a fraction of the cost. We even throw in a year of ScaleCare support with every purchase to ensure the simplest possible onboarding.

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Virtualization has become a commodity and the technology and infrastructure should no longer be a complicated endeavor.

HC3 Cloud Unity℠ with Google® Cloud Platform

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"The use of HC3 greatly reduced the time needed to bring the system into our production environment."

Scott Frazier, System Designer, Rex Moore Electrical Contractors & Engineers

"The high availability and the time it takes to get a server back into production after or during a failure are what makes HC3 beat all other systems hands down."

SomeTyler Rother, IT Manager, Seven Clans Casinos

"HC3 has eased the burden of monitoring several different components in our virtual environment. It has also provided ease of mind in knowing the we have a reliable, scalable solution that we can keep in production for years to come."

Josh Cope, IT Administrator, JMA Energy Company