Education Runs on HC3

Educational institutions are constantly challenged to keep up with technological innovation. Students need access to modern technology to prepare for a competitive job market and institutions need technology to remain efficient and effective. As virtualization technology solutions offered by VMware and Microsoft have proven to be complex and costly, educational institutions have begun switching to hyperconverged infrastructure solutions like HC3 from Scale Computing to modernize.

Educational institutions have all, if not more, of the needs of businesses when it comes to IT. They are implementing common office applications, messaging services, virtual desktops, hosting web services for students and parents, and supporting more specialized educational applications. On top of these challenges, they also carry the burden of restricted budgets. Expensive and complex multi-vendor IT infrastructure solutions employing SANs, servers, hypervisors, and backup/DR solutions leave little budget for growth or innovation.

HC3 combines the storage, server, hypervisor, and backup/DR into a single appliance-based solution. HC3 not only brings all of these elements together, but also makes the solution highly available with fully automated clustering. Where HC3 really makes the grade with education is both the simplicity that requires far less management from IT staff and the low price which makes HC3 a lower cost than the VMware and Hyper-V alternatives.

The simplicity of HC3 is perfect for educational institutions that can often employ only minimal IT staff, sometimes only part-time. Without the ability to employ full-time, highly-trained, (and highly paid) staff, the more complex IT infrastructures around VMware and Hyper-V become a burden and institutions are often forced to seek help from outside paid consultants. HC3 provides a turn-key infrastructure solution that enables institutions to comfortably utilize their existing staff at a significant savings.

From primary to higher education, Scale Computing is meeting IT needs with high marks. Here are a few of the educational institutions that have chosen HC3. Click on any one of them to view the HC3 case study.

Iron County Schools

American College of Education

Reading Muhlenberg Career & Technology Center

St. Richard’s Catholic College

Auburn University

Triton School Corporation

Anamosa School District

Standard School District

GEO Foundation

Stoke Park School and Community Technical College

Toccoa Falls College

Summer vacation may be coming soon for students but educational institutions are already planning ahead for the next school year. HC3 is providing both simplicity and peace of mind for those organizations that have already made the switch away from VMware and Hyper-V.