HC3 Advanced Training: Turn IT To 11

Scale Computing was established on the idea that IT infrastructure should be easier to use and cost less to manage and maintain. That idea is reflected in the simplicity, scalability, high availability, and affordability of our HC3 virtualization platform.

HC3 self-healing machine intelligence automatically identifies, mitigates, and corrects many problems in the infrastructure in real-time, eliminating the need for an administrator to intercede. This innovative self-healing makes HC3 more resilient, highly available, and simple to manage and administer.

Most of our customers simply plug in their HC3 appliance, set it up in under two hours, migrate and install their applications, and then move on with the rest of their lives. However, we also hear from customers that they want to take advantage of every capability HC3 offers, learn the best practices, and customize the system to their unique requirements. At Scale Computing, we call this the desire to Turn IT to 11 (many “This is Spinal Tap” fans at Scale Computing)!

For those who want to turn their HC3 system to 11, we are introducing HC3 Advanced Training. This customized, one-on-one training is designed to provide advanced insight and best practices for Scale Computing customers on how to get the most from their HC3 system and virtualized environment. This training will focus on the areas you are most interested in so you can take full advantage of your HC3 investment, such as a Disaster Recovery and Backup Overview, Migrations, HC3 Tiering, General Networking Management, a HyperCore and KVM overview, and an HC3 SCRIBE Overview.

The HC3 Advanced Training is a scheduled, one-time training session with a ScaleCare Professional Services engineer, and is conducted remotely over a four-hour time span; generally, we break this block into two, two-hour sessions. The training is priced at $1000 USD. However, as part of the HC3 Advanced Training launch, we are offering the training for only $700 USD. This discounted offer will be valid until the end of June. This training can include just one person from your organization, or many, the price is the same. You just need to all be able to get on the WebEx!

To take advantage of this limited time deal (the last day you can claim this offer is June 28th, 2019), contact us at

P.S. Everyone who completes this training will receive a certificate and a tshirt we had fun designing, see below.