​HCI Just Got More Affordable

One size doesn’t fit all.

IT infrastructure has never been a one-size-fits-all market and organizations range in size from one-man operations to multi-billion dollar corporations. That’s one of the reasons that hyperconverged infrastructure vendors like us, Scale Computing, have taken an appliance-based approach to infrastructure to allow organizations to start small and scale out as much as needed.

But even the smallest 3-node clusters we offer aren’t always the right size for small organizations or remote sites with smaller but specific computing needs. That’s why we’ve introduced the new HE500 appliance series designed to bring our award-winning hyperconverged solution with all of its features and benefits down to an even smaller and more affordable price.

Starting at $16,500

With the new HE500 series appliances, a 3-node, highly available HC3 cluster featuring all flash storage can start for only $16,500 USD. That is over 40% less than a 3-node HC3 cluster with hybrid storage in the HC1000 appliance series. Other appliance options in the HE500 series that feature all spinning disk or hybrid storage can be configured for even less.

This is a full-featured HC3 cluster. There were no features removed or scaled down to provide this lower cost appliance option. You can now deploy an HCI cluster featuring our full virtualization stack, high-efficiency storage, self-healing automation, high availability, built-in backup/DR, non-disruptive updates, and seamless scale-out starting at $16,500 USD.

Here is an example configuration of an all-flash 3-node HC3 cluster for this low price.

Similar systems are available with hybrid storage (SSD + HDD) and all HDD storage with more storage capacity. Many of the HE500 series appliances are available for single node configuration deployment.

Is this unique?

Not every HCI vendor solution can exist on a smaller, more affordable appliance like the HE500 series appliances. The reason is that they consume far too much system overhead for managing storage and virtualization to make it effective on a smaller system. They generally have to deploy management VMs on each node of a cluster that consume system resources, particularly RAM, 24GB-32GB or more on each node. That doesn’t leave many resources left over to run VM workloads.

Scale Computing uses a hypervisor-embedded storage architecture that does not require a management VM on each node and the overall system stack only consumes around 4GB of RAM per node, freeing up plenty of RAM to run VMs. It was a design consideration from the start to make sure our hypervisor and storage platform was as efficient as possible.

Simple, Scalable, Available

We haven’t changed what HC3 is, we’ve just put it on a smaller appliance to make it more accessible and affordable for use cases where that makes sense. You may have a small business or a smaller remote site where you thought HCI might not be the right size solution. With the HE500, we think you will change your mind. We deliver all of the benefits of simplicity, high availability, and scalability we are known for in this HE500 appliance series. Our highly rated support is also included.   If you are interested in an infrastructure solution that is easy to deploy, easy to manage, and easy to afford, we want to talk to you and show you what our HC3 hardware platforms can do. Click here to sign up for a free live demo.