​Now Offering HC3 *Advanced* Onsite Installation

At Scale Computing, we take pride in how easy our systems are to deploy and manage but that doesn’t mean you have to do it yourself. No matter what your level of expertise, there is never anything wrong with getting assistance to make sure a project goes as smoothly as possible, and no one is better at assisting with HC3 installation than our Professional Services team.

Our ScaleCare Onsite Installation Service has been a great way to bring our expertise directly to your site to facilitate your HC3 installation. Now, however, we’ve decided to combine that onsite installation experience with additional services to take even greater advantage of having a ScaleCare Professional Services Solutions Architect at your site. We call this the HC3 Advanced Onsite Installation Service.

Advanced Onsite Installation Service includes all of the following services combined into one:

  • ScaleCare Onsite Installation Service
    • Pre-installation planning and requirements call
    • One day of onsite work by a ScaleCare Professional Services Solutions Architect
    • Onsite initialization of HC3 System
    • Onsite HC3 web interface configuration and walkthrough
    • Final handoff to a ScaleCare Support Engineer for any additional services to be scheduled and completed remotely
  • ScaleCare Network Configuration Service
    • Environment review and networking planning call
    • Best practices overview
    • Knowledge transfer
    • Remote configuration of 1GbE or 10GbE Switch(es)
      • The configuration of switches to work within existing networking infrastructure including VLANs, Spanning Tree, logging, and other basic switch functions
      • Setup of high availability networking for multiple switches, if applicable
  • HC3 Advanced Training
    • A scheduled, one-time training session with a ScaleCare Professional Services engineer conducted over a four-hour time span; generally broken into two, two-hour sessions
    • Include one person from your organization or many
    • At the end of this training, trainees should feel confident in managing, maintaining, and troubleshooting their HC3 environment
  • ScaleCare Quickstart Migrate Service
    • Initial discovery and migration planning
    • Installation of migration agents (source machine to be migrated and HC3 target machine) and the migration management console
    • Configuration of the migration job, initial data transfer, and the final workload failover
    • Post-migration health assessment of the migrated machine
    • Three migration licenses included

All of these services can be delivered within the same day, and that is the advantage of having one of our experts at your site. We’ll make sure your installation and networking are ready to go, kick off your migration to HC3, and give you a big headstart with deep-dive technical training.

Whether you are new to HC3, or already have HC3 but are planning a new deployment, this service may be just what you need to get deployed quickly with full confidence. If our expert is going to be onsite, you may be best served by taking full advantage of that time with the Advanced Onsite Installation Service and all it has to offer. 

For more information on the Advanced Onsite Installation Service and all of the professional services offered by Scale Computing, check out the ScaleCare Support  & Professional Services White Paper.