Scale Computing Partners with MISA

The Municipal Information System Association (MISA) is an organization of municipal IT professionals with the goal of building professional relationships and sharing knowledge. Municipals have unique challenges in providing critical emergency response systems in addition to other public services that all residents rely on. Scale Computing is excited to announce our partnership with MISA to help further the cause of better IT for Municipals.

Scale Computing has been working with municipals for years across North America with great success. We develop infrastructure that is efficient, easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use, highly available, and best of all, affordable. This helps organizations like municipals run all of the systems they need on a reliable and easy to manage infrastructure. By avoiding the high cost of managing overly complex IT infrastructure systems, IT departments can redirect their funds towards better operational processes and software solutions they need. 

We recently attended the MISA Prairies conference in Jasper, Alberta and ran into one of our customers and a MISA member, Jon Schmuland, Strathcona Regional District Information Technology Manager in British Colombia. Jon told us, “Migrating from our legacy server virtualization platform to Scale Computing was one of the best decisions I’ve made as an IT manager. Scale’s HC3 hyperconverged platform was a snap to adopt, and because it’s so simple to run, it’s enabled me to free up hours each week to do other value-add activities for my organization. Very pleased with the product!”

The Scale Computing and CDW booth at the recent MISA Prairies conference.

Technology innovators like Scale Computing have a responsibility not just to sell great solutions to customers, but to be leaders in the communities of technology professionals who face new challenges each day in how to use new and emerging technologies to provide better services for their users. MISA is an ideal community for Scale Computing to serve by helping those IT professionals tackle the challenges that affect our communities. We are happy to be a part of it.

Chris Angell, Solution Architect at Scale Computing, attended the MISA Prairies show and summed up his experience, “It was a great show and we were able to meet with a lot of talented IT pros from all over. Many face similar challenges in IT and MISA is making it easier to learn about the technologies they need to meet those challenges head-on. It is an honor to be partnered with this organization.”

Scale Computing is looking forward to the future of our partnership with MISA and the opportunity to help municipals share their knowledge and experience with others. We’ll continue to keep working hard at helping municipals like these highlighted below to find success with IT infrastructure solutions.

City of St. Cloud, Minnesota

City of Noblesville, Indiana

City of West Allis, Wisconsin