Scale Computing Recognized as a Leader in Edge Computing and HCI by Enterprise Management Associates

The foundation of technology and mission at Scale Computing is to transform IT infrastructure through automation and orchestration.

Today, we’d like to share that Scale Computing has been recognized by EMA as one of the top three vendors in its “Scale Out Infrastructure” category for Serverless Technologies.

The new report, “EMA Top 3 Enterprise Decision Guide for Serverless Technologies: Addressing 10 Critical Enterprise Pain Points,” is authored by Torsten Volk, EMA’s managing director, research for Containers, DevOps and Machine Learning.

The report identifies and profiles the top enterprise products addressing the 10 most critical challenges and pain points enterprises encounter when adopting serverless technologies. Scale Computing automation technology was highlighted as a way for companies to deploy and operate modern distributed applications in a simple manner.

The HC3 platform from Scale Computing was evaluated based on end-user research, market analysis, technical product reviews and expert interviews to provide enterprise customers with pragmatic guidance to optimize the benefits from AI and ML.

When deploying into environments, such as retail and edge computing, replacing the need for on-site administrators with machine intelligence is absolutely critical. This recognition from EMA validates how unique and powerful the automation technology in HC3 really is. Edge computing only works if systems can self-heal and take care of themselves, and our technology enables exactly that.

Commenting on the how transformative the automation within Scale Computing solutions has been, customer Patrick Riehle, director of IT at Economy Advertising said on TechValidate, “The benefits cannot be overstated; there are issues that I simply don’t have to deal with anymore.”

Another customer, Tracy Burton of Insight Lighting expands further on TechValidate, “Scale is a solution that allows a ‘set it and forget it’ mentality. It allows me to focus on other aspects of my job without worrying if my systems are running properly."

Thank you to EMA for recognizing and validating our placement in the industry. We’re looking forward to continuing to deliver results for our customers in 2019 and can’t wait to see what the future holds.