VDI for Distributed Enterprise, SMB and Edge Computing

Together, Scale Computing and Leostream are pioneering VDI for the distributed enterprise, SMB, and all those for whom VDI was unaffordable or unrealistic in the past. With their combined expertise in both datacenter solutions as well as VDI desktop and user management, they can provide a complete VDI solution that is simple to set up, easy to manage, cost-effective, while still offering all the same great features you'll find from a legacy VDI solution.

Leostream installs quickly and easily onto a Linux virtual machine running in the Scale Computing environment. Once installed, it provides “user access for all” with support for nearly any display protocol, including in-browser HTML5 RDP, VNC, and SSH access, from almost any client device - including thin clients, Chromebooks, and tablets. Additionally, Leostream integrates with multi-factor authentication providers such as Okta and Duo, or any other identity provider that utilize RADIUS or SAML protocols.

On the management side, Leostream makes it simple to provision pools of Windows and Linux desktops from a single master image designated in your Scale Computing environment. Leostream policies can be configured to manage a wide range of business use cases, including persistent or non-persistent desktops, shared or personal desktops, and everything in between. Leostream partners with software vendors such as Liquidware to provide user profile and data management, application installation and updates, and operating system upgrades for non-persistent machines.