All-in-One Remote Application Delivery and VDI

Parallels RAS is now supported on Scale Computing's HC3. This new partnership allows RAS to spin up and manage (start/stop/suspend/reset/delete/clone – both full and linked clones) VMs on HC3.

Parallels RAS is a cost-effective, cloud ready and easy-to-use application and desktop delivery solution that provides secure access and a consistent experience to virtual desktops, applications, and virtual machines from the Scale Computing hypervisor to any user on any device.

Simplicity of deployment and maintenance

Parallels RAS streamlines the deployment and maintenance of infrastructure by providing an intuitive management console and a set of tools that can be used to easily configure Microsoft RDSH and VDI, therefore, reducing IT workload.

Pervasive Security

Deploying Parallels RAS reduces the risk of data loss and malicious activity by preventing access to applications and data based on location, device and configurable Client Policies. In addition, Parallels RAS supports FIPS 140-2 encryption and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) allowing organizations to adhere to data compliance policies.

Seamless End User Experience

The Parallels RAS Client provides a high-performing, intuitive and productive user experience on any device including HTML5 browsers, iOS and Android. Users receive a nativelike experience on applications and desktops regardless of the device, location or connection.