HC3 Edge Platform

All New HE500 Series For Edge IT
Infrastructure Deployments

The HE500 series is a set of right-sized HCI appliances that provide enterprise-class features to remote locations and boost edge computing capabilities with disaster recovery. Each HE500 appliance model can be deployed quickly, managed locally or remotely, and is fitted with self-healing technology to provide almost instant failover and minimal downtime. In addition, the HE500 series provides a low-cost option for disaster recovery infrastructure that is easy to deploy, easy-to-use, and runs disaster recovery workloads reliably. 

“Unlike other HCI solutions that reserve large compute resources to run their Virtual Storage Appliances, the HE500 series takes advantage of the efficient, hypervisor-embedded HC3 storage stack to free up RAM and CPU for running workloads. This dramatically lowers the hardware and software investment needed to provide high availability to edge workloads.”

Eric Slack, senior analyst, Evaluator Group.

Edge Computing is accessible and affordable for organizations of any size.

Scale Computing is the leader in edge computing innovation. Patented technology transforms isolated locations into unified, self-managing micro-datacenters for edge computing. When ease-of-use, high availability, and TCO matter, Scale Computing HC3 is the ideal infrastructure solution.


Maximum Uptime

By means of Scale Computing patented HyperCore technology, machine intelligence is able to detect and mitigate infrastructure problems in real time. Combined with a clustered back-end architecture, this means applications stay running even as hardware problems arise or updates are applied.

All VMs created are highly available
Clustered back-end architecture
No single point of failure
Machine Intelligence

Unified Platform Simplifies Deployment and Management

Eliminates silos of hardware and software. No VMware or hypervisor license is required. Self-healing, local high-availability, remote disaster recovery, and hybrid cloud capabilities are built-in and automated by HyperCore. Additional resources can be added without downtime. Sites can be managed individually or centrally, with complete flexibility in how sites are grouped, orchestrated, and monitored.

Single vendor support experience, no disparate systems to integrate
Deploy new VMs in minutes
Multi-site management
Integrated all-in-one appliance

Extraordinarily Easy

HC3 systems can be deployed in minutes, and preconfigured to avoid lengthy onsite resources during initial deployment. No specialized training or certification is required, as the platform is designed as intuitive as a smartphone but as powerful as a full data center. No on-site IT expertise is required.

Rapid deployment, install in less than an hour
Non-disruptive upgrades
Limited IT resources required
Fully self-healing

Fantastic Economics

HC3 provides the lowest edge acquisition and deployment cost in the world. Typical customer reduces on-going management costs by 60-80% due to HC3 automation and machine intelligence. No virtualization licensing costs. Eliminate the cost of multiple silos of infrastructure hardware and software components. Reduce or eliminate the need for 4-hour onsite support. A single management interface can handle from one to thousands of deployments, and the HC3 platform can grow from the smallest edge location to the largest centralized datacenter under a single architecture.

Reduce on-going management
No certification requirements
No VMware or hypervisor license
Single management interface

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Scale Computing is at the forefront of making edge computing more accessible and more affordable for organizations of any size. We’d like to help you succeed with your current and future edge computing projects.

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