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Scale Computing enables to deliver enhanced services to local SMBs with hyperconvergence

Key Challenges

  • Needed to enhance and upgrade its online workplace
  • Installation was time consuming
  • Existing IT infrastructure was complex to manage
  • Unable to avoid downtime and needed to patch existing IT environment
  • No ability to scale out  

Business Benefits

  • Ability to scale out as and when needed
  • No licensing fees
  • Easy to use and manage
  • Drastically reduced installation time allowing the company to focus on other value creating activities
  • Able to offer customers enhanced speed and higher performance
  • Replication, cloning and snapshots to deliver business continuity services
  • Enhancing customer services and the ability to deliver faster results
  • Creating an environment to offer new managed and/or cloud services – Manager Service Provider for SMBs is dedicated to providing customers in the Netherlands with online technology services to support business development and growth for local SMBs. As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), the company delivers a range of solutions, offering a secure online workplace, that enables customers to use and deploy the latest technology services in the industry. improves its customers services offering reliable and tested solutions that meet the individual needs of organisations.

Looking to enhance IT Services

Having decided to enhance its online service for the workplace and grow to the next level, looked at deploying a new solution that would enable it to support customer growth. In particular, the company also wanted to address installation time ensuring quick and efficient customer service.

After researching the market, decided on a hyperconverged solution. The company wanted an environment that was easy to deploy and manage, and hyperconvergence offered the best fit. Druppers commented, “We definitely wanted a hyperconverged solution and before finding Scale Computing we came across Nutanix. However, this was very expensive, it was designed for enterprises and didn’t suit our requirements.” 

Evaluation Process

After inquiring about other vendors in this space, discovered Scale Computing, and after a thorough evaluation the service provider opted for Scale Computing’s HC3 platform. Scale Computing’s hyperconverged solution provides a complete data centre in a box with storage, servers, high availability and virtualisation combined into one solution. The appliance is easily deployed, has no external licensing fees as its virtualisation is built on the KVM hypervisor, and it also enables enhanced disaster recovery with snapshots, cloning and replication. Druppers noted, “The Scale Computing solution was very easy to handle, manage and deploy. It provided the same benefits as Nutanix but was much simpler and it suited all of our requirements.” 

Improving Customer Service

Since the deployment, has not only benefited from simplified and enhanced IT infrastructure but it has enabled smoother business processes. The Scale Computing solution did not replace an existing storage element but instead has added an enhanced offering, enabling to pass these benefits onto its customers. A major selling point has been the ability to dramatically reduce the installation time of new solutions, enabling to respond quicker to customer requests. Druppers explained, “Previously what would have taken us three - six weeks can now be built in a matter of days. Not only can we provide quicker services to our existing customers, but this has freed up a lot of our time allowing us to work with new businesses.” has also been able to provide new services to its customers since deploying Scale Computing’s HC3 platform. With its ease of use and reduced management time building a temporary server is simple, quick and easy. Druppers commented, “Previously we didn’t offer this as a service, however now we can build temporary servers as and when needed upon request. Scale Computing has allowed us to be more flexible. We can also take advantage of adding resources to VMs from a central pool, adding storage, processor or memory when needed is really simple.”

Druppers continued, “When we set out to look for a new solution, we wanted to offer increased services to our customers and take the next natural step to innovating our online workplace and the Scale Computing solution has allowed us to do this.”

HEAT – Increasing Speed and Performance 

In addition, has also benefited from increased performance and speed with Scale Computing’s native HEAT feature - HyperCore Enhanced Automated Tiering. Druppers explained,“With the HEAT feature, we can add increased speed as and when is needed by a simple bar feature. It’s incredibility easy to use and allows us to adjust the speed to our unique requirements. As a service provider, each of our customers has a different set of needs and it’s great to be able to adjust to meet these demands.”

Business Continuity and Eliminating Downtime

The HC3 solution also enables replication, snapshots and cloning, providing business continuity. Druppers said, “With our previous IT environment we needed to patch up the system and reboot our IT which would take time. Scale Computing has completely eliminated this with regular, simple updates.”

Cost Savings and Reduced Management Time

The Scale Computing HC3 solution is designed to be simple and easy to use, organisations can also scale out as and when needed, increasing capacity which avoids the need to over provision storage. Druppers concluded, “The Scale Computing solution is easy to use and requires minimal effort. The interface is simple and it offers everything we need. The time we have saved can now be spent on enhancing our services and working with customers rather than managing the IT.”