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3rd Party Applications on HC3
One common question we get at Scale Computing is, “Are my applications supported on HC3?” The answer to that question, at least 99% of the time, is “Yes, the application is supported and works great on HC3.”

Scale Computing’s HC3 FAQ
HC3 is an appliance-based hyperconverged infrastructure solution. HC3 combines servers, storage, virtualization, and backup/disaster recovery into a single appliance.

ScaleCare Support Services
Scale Computing offers a variety of services that enable you to both accelerate your implementation and secure and protect your HC3 system with confidence.

ScaleCare Support FAQ
Our customers receive the #bestever support from Scale Computing, but what is ScaleCare Support all about? When you aren’t sure, just ask.
These are some of the most frequently asked questions about HC3 and support.

5 Surprising Facts About Hyperconvergence
Hyperconvergence can still be a little mysterious for IT pros. This infographic is designed to help clear up some of that mystery

HC3® Common Configurations
There are many ways to deploy HC3, but here are some of the most common configurations our customers have chosen for their infrastructure.

The HC3 Storage Advantage
HC3 reinvented storage architecture specifically for virtualization. Find out how HC3 differs from traditional storage architecture and why it matters.

How HC3 Lowers the Total Cost of Infrastructure
When considering a new IT infrastructure solution, the acquisition cost of the hardware and software to standup the
infrastructure is only the starting point for cost analysis.

HC3 Single Node Appliances
If you are ready to upgrade your distributed enterprise or disaster recovery solution with hyperconvergence, HC3 is ready to
handle any size implementation for your remote sites and DR sites.

What’s New in HC3
In response to our customers and market, we have recently updated the HC3 system with the following new features.

HC3 Feature Guide
The HC3 virtualization platform brings together servers, storage, virtualization, and disaster recovery into a single, feature rich solution. This guide describes all of the features that make HC3 the perfect infrastructure solution for any datacenter.

HC3 Sales Brochure
The Scale Computing HC3 system is a completely virtualized “datacenter-in-a-box,” with storage, virtualization, and high availability seamlessly integrated into a scalable, cost-effective, and easy-to-manage system.

HC3 Specifications
HC3 is the future of the IT infrastructure: a scalable, highly available platform that runs your applications. As a completely integrated cluster, HC3 brings servers, storage, and virtualization together, creating a turnkey solution that’s as easy to manage as a single server.

HC3 is sold as a fully integrated system. This means that all software licenses are included, with balanced compute and storage hardware, ready to use out of the box, and designed for scale out expansion.

Migrating Your Existing Environment to Scale Computing’s HC3 System
Many customers leverage the move to HC3 as an opportunity to upgrade antiquated operating systems and applications to the latest and greatest. For those workloads that do not need to be refreshed, HC3 Move powered by Double-Take can be leveraged to migrate your existing environment onto HC3.

Microsoft Exchange on Scale Computing’s HC3 System
Virtualizing Microsoft Exchange has gained traction in small to mid-size businesses as companies take the normal cycle of hardware refreshes and Operating System upgrades as an opportunity to consolidate servers in a virtualized environment.

DR Strategies with Scale Computing
Disaster recovery is a concept that asks the question, “How can an organization survive and respond to a wide variety of threats ranging from small hiccups to catastrophic destruction?” The threats to ongoing operations range from human error to malicious attacks to natural disasters.


HC3, SCRIBE, and HyperCore Theory of Operations
A description of the technology, concepts and operating theory behind the Scale Computing’s HC3, SCRIBE and HyperCore.

HyperCore Support Matrix
The HyperCore support matrix outlines the operating systems, browsers and other general limits supported by the system.

Networking Guidelines
This document describes the recommended switch characteristics for use as a backplane for internode communication in an HC3 environment.

Joint Solutions Briefs

Scale Computing and Mellanox Technologies
Scale’s HC3 combined with the Mellanox SX1012 brings to market a hyperconverged appliance with future proof networking

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