Edge Computing

What is Edge Computing?

Edge computing describes a physical computing infrastructure, intentionally located outside the four walls of the datacenter, so storage compute resources can be placed where they are needed. Run on a small or tiny hardware footprint, infrastructure at the edge collects, processes and reduces vast quantities of data and can be further uploaded to either a centralized datacenter or the cloud. Edge computing acts as a high performance bridge from local compute to both private and public clouds.

HC3® Edge Use Cases

Edge computing is effective in nearly any type of industry where remote sites exist. These are some of the use cases where edge computing is a frequent need.


With dozens or hundreds of retail locations, retailers need reliable computing across the edges of their networks. HC3 Edge can efficiently run apps required for:

• Cash Registers

• Mobile Technology

• Scales

• Refrigeration / Freezer Systems

• Inventory Management

• Consumer Apps

• Electronic Shelf Labels

• Intelligent Digital (MDS)

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Manufacturing and other industrial processes can span across multiple sites with high-tech computing needs for equipment and personnel. Industrial IoT devices like sensors require on-site computing performance.


Banks and other financial institutions have multiple branch office requiring reliable computing to execute rapid, business-critical transactions.


Any remote office or branch office locations at the edge of the network require computing resources that keep productivity online.

Mobile Platforms:

Shipping vessels, ocean liners, offshore platforms, defense, and remote construction have computing needs that can go beyond the edge of most networks. Mobile systems need to be autonomous, not-reliant on stable external networks connections.


Any IoT deployment may require edge computing because direct-to-cloud communication may not be reliable or fast enough to process vast amounts of data or time-sensitive data.

Leadership in Edge Computing

Scale Computing is the leader in edge computing innovation. Scale Computing patented technology transforms isolated locations into unified, self-managing micro-datacenters for edge computing. When ease-of-use, high availability, and TCO matter, Scale Computing HC3 is the ideal infrastructure solution.

Over a decade of IT technology innovation
Unique-in-the-industry, self-healing architecture powered by 24 patents
Thousands of customer deployments, hundreds of published case studies

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Scale Computing is at the forefront of making edge computing more accessible and more affordable for organizations of any size. We’d like to help you succeed with your current and future edge computing projects.

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