Bring Us Referrals - Get Rewarded

Many consultants make product recommendations based on the solutions they know and trust. At Scale Computing, we feel that recommendations should be recognized and rewarded. Scale Computing’s Referral Program makes it incredibly easy for you to make a recommendation and gain an attractive referral payment. Here’s how you can become a Referral Partner:

A Referral Partner can be any individual or organization that recommends Scale Computing’s solutions. We want to make this as easy as possible. Just register as a Referral Partner on our website, then register a prospective lead by sending an email to Scale Computing. If such a lead becomes active and a sale is made as a result, the Referral Partner receives a referral payment.  

Scale Computing’s Referral Program is an extension of our Partner Program - and it keeps the same values at the forefront: Simplicity, Availability, and Scalability.

Simplicity: Every person, organization or partner can have access to the Referral Program. The Referral Program contains a simple way to benefit from knowledge about a possible opportunity for selling the value of the Scale Computing HC3 platform.

Availability: The Referral Program is a very smart way to make the Scale Computing HC3 available to more people, companies, and organizations.

Scalability: The Referral Program scales by treating every customer project individually so multiple referrals can be stacked.

Why should you become a Scale Computing Referral Partner? Joining comes at no cost to you. We provide knowledge transfer by giving you access to free online training, webinars, and more. Additionally, you gain a referral payment of the MSRP price minus discounts for leads transforming into a sale with every referral you make. Know someone who would benefit from the simplicity and ease of use that HC3 provides? Visit our new partner portal to learn more or submit a referral today!