Windows Server 2008 EOS is a perfect opportunity to modernize

Windows Server 2008 has been a solid operating system many of our day-to-day services run on both at work and in our personal lives. However, all things come to an end and that will be the case for Microsoft support of Windows Server 2008 beginning January 14, 2020.

The end of support (EOS) means no more security patches and in the current climate of cybercrimes like ransomware, you can’t afford to take risks with your server security. Upgrading your operating systems is not an option. 

Upgrading or migrating your server workloads from Windows Server 2008 to a newer operating system is going to open up new possibilities with enhanced features and capabilities but we suspect there may be many of you running your Windows Server 2008 on hardware that may also need some attention. 

As you are moving your applications and data to newer, modern operating systems, it’s a great time to look at more modern computing hardware and virtualization. Migration projects can feel like a necessary evil but with the right amount of forethought, they can bring big advantages to our current and future computing environments.

Scale Computing HC3 is a computing platform that simplifies hardware infrastructure by combining compute, storage, and virtualization with intelligent automation from the data center to the edge. Legacy virtualization systems have been difficult to manage and maintain, but HC3 nearly eliminates downtime by getting rid of the complexities that have plagued systems and their managers in the past.

Don’t put your newly upgraded server workloads back on hardware and virtualization platforms that have also passed their prime. HC3 systems are easy to deploy, easy to manage, easy to scale out, and easy to protect against disaster. HC3 will save you time and money in the future which you can use to stay ahead of technology EOS headaches and keep transitioning to better, more modern systems.

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