Celebrating SysAdmin Day at Scale Computing

Consistent, reliable and responsive - behind every strong reliable IT infrastructure are the hard-working system administrators (SysAdmins), working to ensure that everything runs smoothly. SysAdmins are the backbone of our industry, but while this is true, they don’t always get the recognition that some of the more front-line positions get.

SysAdmins are the engineers who sustain office systems, maintain internal networks, upgrade firewalls and troubleshoot routers ensuring that things are always running and allowing the rest of the team to work efficiently to deliver the great service we are known for at Scale Computing. Without SysAdmin teams, IT infrastructure could be more susceptible to a number of issues.

System Administrator Appreciation Day was founded by IT manager, Ted Kekatos. Kekatos had just installed some Hewlett-Packard printers, when he saw a magazine advertisement by Hewlett-Packard depicting a system administrator being given flowers and fruit baskets by grateful co-workers as a ‘thank-you’ for installing the exact same printers, and thus the first SysAdmin day has been celebrated since 2000.  

At Scale Computing, we’re celebrating our SysAdmins and thanking them for all that they do today! While it’s important to celebrate and show appreciation for SysAdmins all year round, it is also important to rally behind a specific day dedicated to these unsung heroes. With great power comes great responsibility. As an IT hero, SysAdmins have the power to make your data center simpler, highly available and scalable at affordable costs. 

SysAdmins have the power of hyperconverged infrastructure available to you, and Scale Computing can help. Allow us to help you learn more about hyperconverged infrastructure and maximize your infrastructure potential to be a superhero in your data center.

How are you celebrating SysAdmin Day in 2019? Read more about how we’re celebrating SysAdmin Day, and claim your free shirt and sticker pack here: