​Virtual Desktops - Simpler, Easier, and 25% Off (for a little while)

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is something that we at Scale Computing get asked about all the time. For a long time, VDI has been a solution that offered many benefits but came at the cost of complexity and the actual monetary costs of the time and effort needed to deploy and manage that complexity. It’s easy to see how IT professionals would be interested in hyperconverged solutions like HC3 to solve some of that complexity.

While VDI is not a new concept around Scale Computing—we’ve had customers doing it for a while now—we have recently entered into some new partnerships to make VDI even easier on HC3. We even published a new white paper to help re-introduce VDI on HC3 and highlight some of these partners. One of those partners is Leostream and with Leostream we want to offer you a fantastic deal to get you started with VDI on HC3.

Until September 30th, 2019 we are offering a 25% discount on a VDI solution that includes a minimum of four HC3 appliances with a two-year support and maintenance extension and 50 virtual desktop licenses from Leostream with a three-year support and maintenance extension. You can choose any four appliances from our HC3 family, including our new, low-priced HE500 series of appliances. 

If you have been waiting for an easy-to-use, low-priced solution to implement VDI in your IT environment, now is the time. We want to celebrate our new VDI partnership with Leostream by making VDI an easy choice for you with this promotional discount. Honestly, though, the discounted price is only one of the many benefits you get for VDI with HC3. VDI gives you benefits like:

  • Increased security as desktops and their data all reside in your data center instead of out in the wild.
  • Bring your own device (BYOD) flexibility to accommodate your workforce
  • Easier desktop management with the ability to quickly refresh desktop images and update images with new patches and versions

HC3 is known for simplifying infrastructure and that is true for VDI as well. You get all of the following benefits of HC3 and more when deploying a VDI solution:

  • Easy, rapid deployment in as little as under an hour.
  • Storage automation that pools all storage, cluster-wide, without anything to configure manually.
  • Highly available with clustered redundancy that can withstand both component failure and appliance failure.
  • Resource efficiency that frees up more resources per appliance to run VMs
  • Scalability allowing mixing and matching of appliances to scale out as needed
  • Disaster recovery built-in to replicate VMs to another system, another site, or the cloud for quick, easy recovery.

We recently shared a joint customer success story about our HC3 VDI solution and a press release if you are interested in learning more. To take advantage of this limited-time offer (the last day you can claim this offer is September 30, 2019), contact us at