It’s Official: Scale Computing and its Partners Deliver Award-Winning VDI 

This is our fourth and final blog on Scale Computing’s wins at the 2019 CRN ARC awards. We’re going to focus on product innovation and partner relationships as they relate to our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) offering. In particular, we’ll examine how our absolute commitment to both was central to our incredible result within the CRN ARC Desktop & Server Virtualization award.

At Scale Computing, we work tirelessly to bring the most forward-thinking, yet simple-to-operate VDI solutions to our customers. With this, it was fantastic to see our time and efforts were rewarded with a clean sweep across every category and sub-category. Our overall award score was 91.3—a full 12 points ahead of our closest competitor!

But this wasn’t just a victory for us. It's a story of our partners’ triumph and a ringing endorsement of their innovative and robust solutions too. So this is a shout out to them! It’s a massive achievement that we’re delighted to share. But it doesn’t stop there. Our scores of 104.6 for quality and reliability and 95.9 for compatibility and ease of integration are due to their hard work too.

With this in mind, let’s look at an implementation that we carried out alongside two of our technology partners. This example should give you a flavor of how Scale Computing and it’s partners work together to bring VDI solutions to our customers.  

We recently completed a VDI installation for Texas-based Harlingen WaterWorks, an organization that provides drinking water and wastewater services to around 27,000 customers. Harlingen WaterWorks is not new to VDI. The company had used a competing solution for over six years.

Harlingen WaterWorks had become increasingly frustrated with its previous supplier due to slow response times and poor system performance. The organization selected Scale Computing’s HC3 platform in combination with solutions from our technology partners, Leostream and Liquidware. Together we were able to bring virtualization, servers, and storage as well as backup and disaster recovery to Harlingen WaterWorks on a single easy-to-use edge platform. We also reduced Harlingen WaterWork’s infrastructure management time by 30%.

Our combined solution made it easier for Harlingen WaterWork’s small team of IT administrators to rapidly provision and manage virtual machines. We were also able to improve performance and throughput while streamlining backup and recovery processes to protecting data from accidental loss or ransomware attacks. These are the kind of results that earned us our 96.8 scores for technical innovation, 97.3 for the richness of features and functions and 88.0 for marketability.

Looking at this installation from a technology partner perspective, it demonstrates that Scale Computing is easy to do business with and offers excellent revenue and profit potential. Our scores in both these subcategories —98.3 and 96.7 respectively—reflect this. Both are superb endorsements of all the hard work our developers and channel managers put in all year round.

I want to leave you with one final statistic. Our partnership category score in the Desktop and Server Virtualization award was 93.5. That’s a huge 17.4 points ahead of the competition! I think the Harlingen WaterWork installation project that I’ve recapped here shows why we scored so well across the board in this category and explains why organizations love to partner with us.

All that remains is for me to wish you a happy and prosperous 2020. And whether you’re an existing or potential partner, employee, or customer, we’re looking forward to the new year and continuing to work with you.