Oil and Gas and Other Energy Sectors Turn to Scale Computing for Modern IT Infrastructure

Oil and gas industries, part of the greater energy industry, are critical to the operation of nearly every other industry and our daily lives. Our global reliance on energy resources requires that energy production use the latest and most efficient technologies to ensure production meets our current and future needs for energy and environmental protections.  

The need for reliable, powerful IT infrastructure systems to maintain efficient operations is prevalent, especially when the cold months roll through. Both sectors have a unique set of requirements for right-sized, simple-to-operate, enterprise-class IT solutions that can be deployed quickly and managed remotely.

Scale Computing HC3 hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) combines storage, server, hypervisor, and backup/disaster recovery into a single, small appliance-based solution. HC3 also provides the flexibility, ease of use, scalability, and self-healing architecture that creates reliable and efficient work environments, making it ideal for oil and gas, and energy businesses. 

Dozens of oil and gas and other energy companies rely on HC3 to help streamline IT management and a few companies have chosen to share their success stories below. This is largely because HC3 provides simplicity and peace of mind while improving the availability of critical workloads, ability to rapidly scale their infrastructure and enhance disaster recovery capabilities. 

Click on any one of the stories below to read more about their experiences:

Furthermore, Scale Computing’s new HE150 powered by Intel® technology offers a low-cost edge solution built on a tiny form factor, that is particularly well suited to the oil and gas extraction industry and the energy provider sector where space is often at a premium and IT team resources are not always available while in remote locations. Specifically, the HE150 is a small, all-flash, NVMe storage-based compute appliance that is ideal to deploy in small clusters, and delivers all of the simplicity, efficiency, and enterprise-ready virtualization associated with the Scale Computing HC3 platform.  For more information on Scale Computing’s momentum in the oil and gas industry, read more here.