HC3 Cloud Unity

HC3 Cloud Unity℠ with Google® Cloud Platform

HC3 Hyperconverged Private Cloud

For on-prem infrastructure, no solution is easier to implement and manage than HC3 hyperconverged infrastructure. HC3 software and appliances join together seamlessly to create a scalable, highly available virtualization platform. The automated management of server resources and storage means that the management interface is as simple (or simpler) than any public or private cloud environment. The ease of implementation and management not only provides a reliable, high performance, local infrastrastructure, but also reduces the cost of ownership over traditional virtualization and private cloud solutions.

Google Cloud Platform - Virtual HC3 Appliance

Using nested virtualization, Scale is now able to run a fully virtualized HC3 appliance within the Google cloud. Just like a physical HC3 node, this virtual HC3 appliance is able to act as a target for the built in HC3 replication feature as well as run virtual machines when needed for recovery. And because it’s the same HC3 software, it is managed using the same automation and management features of HC3 on-prem.

HC3 Cloud Unity DRaaS

As a service, on-prem HC3 virtual machines are replicated to the cloud over a secure network connection. Using a passive HC3 instance on Google Cloud Platform, VMs are kept in a passive, low resource state until needed for failover. When a disaster is declared, the HC3 instance is expanded with more compute resources and VMs are failed over. The built in Layer 2 (L2) network tunnel allows users to easily reconnect across the same LAN connections to the VMs now running in the cloud. When on-prem assets are brought back online, replication and recovery to the on-prem infrastructure is virtually seamless.