HC3 Virtualization Platform

The virtualization platform designed to deliver simplicity, availability and scalability in a single appliance.

The Scale Computing HC3 virtualization platform is a complete ‘datacenter in a box’ with server, storage and virtualization integrated into a single appliance to deliver simplicity, availability and scalability at a fraction of the cost.


Rather than treat storage, servers, virtualization, and management as different silos, HC3 products bring these all together in a comprehensive system and automates overall management. IT administrators spend less time managing infrastructure and more time on other projects. Self-healing architecture allows systems to be deployed at the edge and be managed remotely without downtime. With no virtualization software to license and no external storage to buy, HC3 products lower costs and radically simplify the infrastructure needed to keep your applications running. HC3 products make the deployment and management of a highly available and scalable infrastructure as easy to manage as a single server.

There is no training necessary to manage an HC3 system. It is common for users to be up and running within an hour of receiving a system. To understand just how simple the system is to use, see some of the common features in action on our Resources page.

Install in less than an hour
Fully integrated, cluster-wide resource utilization and alerts
Browser-based management
Software-defined, hybrid storage system with automated tiering
Integrated all-in-one appliance
Single vendor support experience, no disparate systems to integrate
Deploy new VMs in minutes


Scale Computing built HC3 with high availability as a core tenant of the design. Every VM created on HC3 is automatically made highly available. HC3 stripes and mirrors data across all of the drives in the cluster—in what is effectively a network RAID 10—such that there is no single point of failure. In the event of a failed node, HC3 automatically determines placement based on the resources available at that time and restarts the virtual machines on those nodes. This clustered architecture provides both the fault tolerance and scalability needed for a highly available environment, and it dramatically simplifies management. Primary site or edge sites. Your applications. Simply available.

All VMs created on HC3 are Highly Available
Automatic failover for node failures
Automatic restriping of data for failed disk
Fully self-healing
Non-disruptive upgrades of HyperCore
No single point of failure


Grow on demand. Only when you need it. HC3 clustered, scale out architecture allows you to incrementally add capacity only as you need it, eliminating the need to overprovision and pay upfront for resources you are not using. Simply add nodes when needed. HC3 intelligently identifies where there are the most resources available and allocates VMs to those nodes. The growth of your business can be unpredictable. With HC3, you no longer have to play the guessing game or attempt to forecast for the unknown. There is no need to plan 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, or more into the future… Simply add capacity and performance as you need it.

Scale-out Architecture
Mix and match new nodes
Easily expand, no downtime required
Improved performance of existing workloads
No additional licensing required
Grow as your business grows