HC3 HyperCore Software

Scale Computing HyperCore Software

The uniqueness of the Scale Computing solution is its patented HyperCore Software. HyperCore is preloaded onto all HC3 nodes, ready deploy straight out-of-the-box, fine-tuned for each HC3 node type with nothing additional to license or install. HyperCore continuously monitors all virtual machines, software and hardware components to detect and automatically respond to common infrastructure events, maintain application availability and simplify datacenter management.

Scale Computing HC3 and the HyperCore architecture were designed to provide highly available, scalable compute and storage services while maintaining operational simplicity through highly intelligent software automation and architecture simplification. HyperCore puts intelligence and automation in the software layer and was designed to take advantage of low cost, easily replaceable and upgradable “commodity” hardware components including the virtualization capabilities built into modern CPU architectures. By clustering these components together into a single unified and redundant system, these attributes combine to create a flexible and complete “datacenter in a box” that operates as a redundant and elastic “private cloud” with additional nodes being automatically “incorporated” into the cluster and failed hardware being expected, and easily replaced with minimal effort or disruption.

Server Virtualization

Integrated hypervisor based on proven, open source technology with no additional licenses
Integrated management with the patented HyperCore Software
Live VM migration
Cluster to Cluster Replication
Easy migration from physical or virtual environments to HC3

Integrated Management

Web based UI
VM console access from within a browser
No separate management server
Self-healing including automatic failover of VMs
Rolling upgrades and patching with no downtime


Software-defined, hybrid storage system
High performing spinning disk with optional SSD storage tier
Streamlined, direct block-access data path
Wide striping across cluster with redundant data placement
Thin provisioning, snapshots, cloning

Flexible Scalability

Industry Standard Hardware
Remote support
Mix and match node types after initial cluster with different storage, RAM and CPU footprints
Appliance configurations optimized for size, variety of hardware capabilities
Turn key plug and play expansion