Disaster Recovery / DRaaS

Native Disaster Recovery in HC3®

HC3 replication, snapshot, and cloning technologies combine to provide a full set of backup and recovery capabilities to make sure you data is always protected. Scheduling, retention, recovery, failover, failback, and DR testing are all part of HC3 at no additional cost.

Continuous Per-VM Replication:

HC3 makes use of its space efficient snapshot technology to replicate to a secondary site, tracking and sending only the changed blocks.

Low RPO/RTO and Flexible Scheduling:

Continuously replicate as often as every 5 minutes and failover within minutes while tailoring replication schedules per VM.

Simple Disaster Recovery Testing:

Testing a DR infrastructure plan is now as simple as cloning a snapshot on the target cluster and starting a VM. No disruption to ongoing replication.

Easy Failback after Disaster Recovery:

After running a VM at the DR site, simply replicate the changed data back to the primary site for simple failback.

ScaleCare Remote Recovery Service

The availability of critical IT workloads is the highest priority for any administrator. Without applications and databases, productivity stalls. At Scale Computing, we understand that you may not have the facility or capacity to host your own disaster recovery site. We also understand that traditional agent-based backup solutions are too complex for modern virtualization needs.

To address your disaster recovery needs, we have not only built high availability and cluster-to-cluster replication into our HC3 clusters but we are now pleased to offer a disaster recovery service that enables you to protect your critical workloads to our own secure, hosted datacenter.

The ScaleCare Remote Recovery Service provides a way to protect your site against disaster and the ability to failover your VM workloads within minutes from our remote facility. Our hosted facility is an ideal solution to ensure business continuity against site-level or regional disasters.

No Software Installs
Continuous Replication
User Configurable Replication Intervals
Network Efficiently
Per VM Granularity
Remote Failover
Failback to On-Site
Secure Communication
DR Testing

HC3® Availability Powered by Double-Take® Making use of Existing Infrastructure

HC3 Availability powered by Double-Take allows users to make use of their existing infrastructure by providing a failover of VMs between an HC3 cluster and an existing VMware or HyperV environment. Implement HC3 at your primary site and move your existing infrastructure to a secondary site for Disaster Recovery using HC3 Availability.

HC3 Availability provides affordable data protection, fault tolerance and enables immediate recovery from any system outage at the push of a button. Continuous data replication over any distance means that you always have access to a current copy of your data, applications and operating system (OS).

Platforms Supported

x86 or x64 Windows & Linux Servers
Windows Server 2003 R1/R2, 2008 R1/R2, 2012 R1R2
Red Hat Enterprise Linux/CentOS
Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 and 6
SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 and 11
Ubuntu 10.04 and 12.04 LTS

Continuous, Asynchronous Byte-Level Replication Over Any Distance:

C3 Availability powered by Double-Take monitors changes to all protected files or virtual machines and replicates only the bytes that change to a remote disaster recovery site, over standard IP networks.

Application Awareness for Reliable Recovery:

Application-specific technology in HC3 Availability powered by Double-Take constantly monitors the behavior of applications and databases like Exchange, SharePoint, and SQL, and automatically takes corrective action based on an application’s behavior.

Flexible Bandwidth Scheduling:

Impose higher or lower network usage limits during those times when most appropriate for your business. Limit network use of HC3 Availability powered by Double-Take during busy work hours and increase or remove these limits during non-peak times for efficient replication with the least amount of impact on production resources.

Protects Exchange, SQL Server, Share Point and More:

HC3 Availability powered by Double-Take is hardware and application independent, allowing you to use the hardware and software that suit your business.

Point-In-Time Recovery:

HC3 Availability powered by Double-Take integrates with Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service to allow you to schedule and recover from up to 64 point-in-time copies of data on your HC3 Availability powered by Double-Take target when running on an HC3 VM.