Data Protection

 HC3® Data Protection Suite

HC3 replication, snapshot, and cloning technologies combine to provide a full set of backup and recovery capabilities to make sure you data is always protected. Scheduling, retention, recovery, failover, failback, and DR testing are all part of HC3 at no additional cost.

Continuous Per-VM Replication:

HC3 makes use of its space efficient snapshot technology to replicate to a secondary site, tracking and sending only the changed blocks.

Low RPO/RTO and Flexible Scheduling:

Continuously replicate as often as every 5 minutes and failover within minutes while tailoring replication schedules per VM.

Simple Disaster Recovery Testing:

Testing a DR infrastructure plan is now as simple as cloning a snapshot on the target cluster and starting a VM. No disruption to ongoing replication.

Easy Failback after Disaster Recovery:

After running a VM at the DR site, simply replicate the changed data back to the primary site for simple failback.

Acronis Backup on Scale Computing HC3

Scale Computing has selected Acronis Backup Advanced to sell directly to our HC3 customers because it provides an excellent assortment of advanced backup and recovery features. Acronis backup uses an agent-based approach to backups on HC3 allowing for granular backup of files, individual VMs, or all the VMs on an HC3 system. Here is a list of the features we expect our customers to take advantage of on their HC3 systems.

Low-cost, Long-term Retention Options for Regulated Industries
Proactive ML-based ransomware protection
Automated, remote, and bare-metal recovery
Acronis Universal Restore
Granular Recovery

HC3® Cloud Unity DRaaS

For organizations that either lack a remote site for disaster recovery or would simply prefer not to deploy their own disaster recovery site, Scale Computing offers HC3 Cloud Unity DRaaS. This disaster recovery as a service offering provides an HC3 DR target running securely in Google Cloud Platform. Workloads can be replicated to the Google cloud for failover or recovery on a per VM basis. Your HC3 on-prem system is already acting as a private cloud so cloud-based disaster recovery fits perfectly.

As a service, this option allows predictable pricing that can protect anywhere from a single VM to any number of VMs on HC3 clusters. This service uses the built-in snapshot and replication features that can provide RPO and RTO measured in minutes. There is no VPN required for connectivity. HC3 Cloud Unity DRaaS uses L2 networking to provide seamless connectivity between on-prem and remote hosted VMs in the event of failover.

HC3 Cloud Unity DRaaS includes award-winning ScaleCare support at every stage to assist in setup, testing, failover, and recovery. The service also comes with a runbook to assist with both planning and execution. When needed, all protected VMs can be failed over and running in the cloud and then failed back once the on-prem resources are restored.

Whether an organization does not have a second site or would rather not manage one, DRaaS is a perfect fit. The combination of predictable cost and reliable recovery will provide piece of mind for business continuity. Click here for more information on HC3 Cloud Unity DRaaS.

No Software Installs
Continuous Replication
User Configurable Replication Intervals
DR Runbook
Per VM Granularity
Remote Failover
Failback to On-Site
Secure Communication
DR Testing