Scale Partner Community

The Scale Partner Community is a pivotal part of shared, long-term success. As part of the Partner Community, you are helping to grow your business alongside Scale Computing with investments across the board in sales, marketing, support, training, transactions, and more. And because Return on Investment (ROI) is so important — and the best partnerships go both ways — we want to work with Partners who are invested in working with us.

Watch this video to see why PC Care values the working partnership with Scale Computing:

The Scale Partner Community makes it easy for you to work. Simplification is at the heart of not only our product but also our business and we've structured the Partner program to help make your business more profitable as you increase your investment with Scale Computing. As a Scale Computing Partner you will be the primary contact for prospects and existing end-user customers as well as the liaison between Scale Computing and the customer. You can best respond to a customer's unique requirements for product availability, delivery, technical support, and long-term follow-up. This frequent customer contact with a local company allows you to address a customer's current and future requirements on an individual level and provide the appropriate information, support, and services for the Scale Computing products you represent.

We also support two-level distribution worldwide. Our distributors are Scale Computing's in-country representatives working to support Partners and simplify the transaction process. Scale Computing and distribution partners work together across one or more specific region(s) to promote Scale Computing solutions and the Scale Partner Community

Scale Partner Community Overview

Scale Partner Community


Joining the Scale Partner Community gives Partners access to this exciting HC3 technology as well as down-to-earth sales, marketing, and technology teams who are ready to help Partners do profitable business in a hyper-growth market.

Referral Partner Program


The Referral Partner can be an individual or a professional organization who recommends Scale Computing solutions.